How to get started with WordPress Theme Customization – beginner’s guide

We assume that you are here because you have looked through many WordPress themes and have chosen the perfect theme for your new site. How to customize a WordPress theme? And what should you do after this, to actually set everything up?

We are going to spend the next 800 words or so, showing you literally everything you need to know about how to customize a WordPress theme. Instead of to hire a web developer, we assure, you can handle the WordPress theme install by yourself! For creating an online store on a WordPress website, you can easily install the Woocommerce plugin.


Web design customization is the part of the installation and configuration of a WordPress theme when it gets really interesting and you start to see how your site comes to life.

You can access the WordPress Customizer from the menu in WordPress: Appearance→ Customize. Or go to the Themes page in Appearance→Themes and then click the Customize button. Here we will make several adjustments before proceeding to a deeper setting. The first thing you will see is Site Identification. Here you can change the tag and title of the site. Sometimes here you can also add your own website title and/or icon (this will vary from topic to topic) and then configure the menu.

WordPress theme customization - illustration

If this is a new theme setting or you have not created a single page, you may not have so much for you to “customize.” However, it automatically added several pages, which we are sure you will want to immediately add to the menu.

After you have added a menu (or several), you can choose where you need the menu, as well as various menu items (for example, custom links, messages, pages, products, etc.). This gives you more flexibility in how you want your WordPress site to function. Do not be afraid to play with it or change it later.

Mark the home page as a static page and select the home page for your store page. The Store page was automatically created when you installed the WooCommerce plugin.

As for the “Articles” page, it depends on where you want to blog on your WP website. If so, you need to create a blog page and select it on this page in the WordPress Customizer or in the WordPress Admin Settings→Read.


After the WordPress theme customization service that you have done just now, you can see what your online store looks like with the WordPress WooCommerce theme. All the pages look fantastic!

Nevertheless, we would recommend reading the documentation for your theme to learn more about it every time when you decide to get a new one. That will make you a true WordPress expert. We just showed you the changes that can be made to the WordPress Customizer, and as a rule, they can be made on almost any theme that you can use.


You can clearly see how easy these initial first steps to customize your new WordPress theme and how good they look – just with the WordPress theme designed specifically for online stores.

There are many useful WordPress WooCommerce plugins and add-ons available on CodeCanyon, and some beautifully designed and effective WordPress themes on ThemeForest.

If you look at some of the most popular ThemeForest WooCommerce themes, you can start from a good place. We are sure you will find something that is perfect for your e-commerce store. Though, if you need our help with WordPress development service, we are always ready to assist!

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