10 Tips to Create a Converting Landing Page in WordPress

This article is about the fact that not only visual appeal is important for the success of the Landing Page. Landings are expected for a high conversion rate. The effectiveness of the landing page development is especially relevant during the Google Ads campaign.

SEO and UX design optimization in Landing page development

When you create a landing page design, you set specific conversion goals for the targeted sales offer (services, product). Universal tips do not solve the main problems of landing pages. Worthy Landing Page for each goal of the conversion practice an individual approach with a unique SEO and UX design optimization.

Trends in web design minimalism are taught to make effects unobtrusive. To increase conversion, it is important to determine the most effective elements of the landing page website development (pop-up callback order, lead form, footer links). Where does the conversion rate improvement take place?

Optimized for high conversion LP: attendance, at least 500 visitors, and some – more than 100,000. The conversion rate of 30-60%. External factors also influence, the conversion is highly dependent:

  • Industry
  • Traffic quality

1. Set up well the targeting in your Google Ads campaign

Traffic that is misled by untargeted advertising converts worse than lively and interested traffic. Little-informative advertising will also not reasonably motivate for CTA-action on your landing page. But pages convincing in the benefits of a product/service/ offer with a link (filter pages) convert better than lead-generating because their conversion goals are much simpler. Consider this when you severely evaluate the effectiveness of a landing page.

2. Use the power of video to increase engagement and stimulate the conversion

Video can increase the Landing Page conversion by 80%. The strategy of digital marketing for small businesses is justified, even if it is expensive. That is why there is a lot of video content on the landing page – from the header to footer, and videos that visitors can use for their marketing.

3. Be very clear and specific showing the benefits

In order not to get bogged down in the details, by simple theses inform your clients of what awaits them. The clarity and unambiguity of the subtitled title are supported by social evidence. It was found out by tests that short brevity is justified.

The analysis made by our SMM agency showed: no one wants to know what you have. Save your energy and words, better concentrate on the interests of users, which will help to convert them into leads.

4. Customize the mobile user experience

No need to explain why mobile users are now in priority. From 2017, mobile traffic began to dominate (50.3%), its share is constantly growing (now 52.2%). Companies are also adapting to a world in which consumers often use their phones. Like on the most responsive brand pages, a mobile user has a separate user experience.

On the desktop, the landing page may include video and GIF – elements of attracting and increasing conversions. The trimmed version of the website redesign (for mobile) loads faster and retains visual appeal. Additionally, pop-up windows are stimulated for conversion.

responsive web design

5. Come up with a clear headline and back it up with social evidence

When it comes to Landing Page texts, one should understand: clarity leads to conversion. The visitor wants to understand the offer in seconds, thinking: “Closer to the point, what exactly is being offered to me? Why do I understand this? “. And, if something goes wrong – failure!

This title is immediately clear and reflects the essence of the business proposal: “Expert installation of tires in your home or workplace.” We immediately see the key difference – you don’t need to go to the tire mechanics, they work with you.

Decision making is facilitated by fast “how-tos” and downloadable customer reviews from social networks (usually Facebook). What is the result? The conversion rolls over

6. Use descriptive Call-to-Action telling the visitor what happens next

Anyone who came to the page Landing can not wait to find out what they offer here? This is true, but as a rule, the visitor understands what actions are expected of him, and what will happen next is not entirely clear.

Thoughtful phrases with contextual clues and supporting information provided insight into what to expect. Conveniently fill out forms. Initially, the transition to the pages of lead generation from the first screen helps to quickly deal with the proposal. Color contrasts focus on the goal, and descriptive CTAs explain the action taken.

7. Speed ​​up webpage loading

Visitors are becoming more and more impatient. It is understandable. The world is accelerating. And the loading of your site should not lag behind the progress.

Acceptable speed – from 1 to 10 seconds. At 11 seconds your site will simply be closed, tired of waiting. Adjusting the download speed will help get more profit from your site. How you can improve it:

  • use fast hosting to host the site;
  • choose a good engine (CSM), for example, WordPress development;
  • add a minimum of interactive elements that take a long time to load: videos, animations, scripts;
  • reduce image size with TinyPNG, PunyPNG;
  • use caching software.

8. Add time limit

You have noticed that often on landings counters are installed. If a client comes to your landing page, he considers the offer and thinks: “I have time, I will come later.” And does not come back. And this is normal. Try to remember what you did 7 days ago at the same time. I can’t remember.

But when a person comes to the page and sees a tempting offer, and next to him is a timer, on which there is a countdown of 43 minutes, he thinks. And it makes a decision here and now, not postponing it for tomorrow.

9. Make the offer scarce

The less available goods, the greater the desire to buy it. Sometimes even money is not a problem.

A striking example is Morgan cars. The plant produces a sports car that was created 70 years ago, almost unchanged. Only having finished an internal salon and having put the powerful engine. This machine is assembled by hand, its cost starts from $ 60.000. In order to get the finished car, you need to wait 1.5 years. And these cars are snapping up. And the plant itself earns about 21,000,000 pounds a year. Lack works wonders!

Therefore, adding a landing limit on the number increases the conversion. People want to be owners of rare things.

10. Remove excess

The main task of the landing page is for visitors to leave data or buy goods. Therefore, remove all that has nothing to do with it.

Do not add any links, do not let the person leave somewhere from your site. He should study all the information on one page. The maximum that you can do is add a menu with links to items inside the landing page.

The reason for the success of the Landing Page is not always clear, and this is quite natural. Sometimes you find yourself in a gold-bearing vein. The effectiveness of the form – more than ever seen. Landing site brings a huge income.

However, when trying to repeat success, nothing comes out. Even when all moments were taken into account. Internet marketing is not an exact science. Although the use of best practices increases the chances of success.

Hire our web design agency for your Landing page development

The modern simple website design of the landing page, a strong statement about a profitable offer, strong social evidence, the persuasiveness of the offer. We are sure of one thing – you can achieve the best result only by trying all the options.

Though, if you are not sure about your skills, our SEO agency will be glad to provide high-quality SEO services to make your campaign profitable.

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