August 2022

Top 50 Web Development Companies

Web development agencies build expert websites from the ground up. They also are capable of creating mobile apps, digital platforms, and other computer network intranet systems for virtually any industry. The top web development companies provide full-stack development services, with professional coders, developers, computer scientists, and tech wizards at the forefront.



UPQODE a premium web design agency, are passionate about transparency, reliability, trust, and outstanding customer care – we aren’t happy with our creation until you are. We take tremendous care of your needs. We understand your business goals and deliver them according to your business values. We do that by taking enormous care of our people – talented world-leading web design specialists who know how to create your online success.


#2-128 Digital

Based out of Chicago, we are a global no code design agency that finds its foundation built on building customer experiences that nurture our client’s success. Our promise to all our clients is to bring their vision to life through design, innovation and creativity and give their brand an edge in the markets.    



We Create Best Digital Products. Best is not only about sticking to high-quality standards. It is about an individual approach, excellent performance and seeing opportunity in every difficulty. We build trust and just do more to please our customers!



Our web design agency helps companies, big and small, discover what makes them unique and channel it into a memorable experience that outsells and outshines their competition online. Why choose us? We keep our process simple, transparent, and customer focused. We avoid buzzwords and bullshit – we spend our energy instead focused on creating best-in-class user experiences that translate into the things that matter.



Emerge is a digital product agency who focuses on small to medium sized businesses. They build websites for the purpose of creating revenue, online communities that generate revenue and tools for business which have helped grow many successful start-ups.  Also they offer a depth of knowledge and experience to identify, diagnose and solve your biggest challenges and unlock untapped opportunities.

10 - 49
128 Digital
10 - 49
10 - 49
Web Dev Studios
50 - 249
eDesign Interactive
10 - 49
10 - 49
50 - 249
10 - 49
Culture Foundry
10 - 49
Digital Silk
Top Notch Dezigns
under 49
250 - 499
under 49
under 49
Ignite Visibility
Glorium Technologies
250 - 499
1000 & Up
250 - 499
The Bureau Of Small Projects
Lounge Lizard
Sure Oak
under 49
Webby Central LLC
under 49
50 - 249
10 - 49
50 - 249
Epik Solutions
50 - 249
10 - 49
2 - 9
WANT Branding
2 - 9
FlowState Branding
10 - 49
10 - 49
10 - 49
Niftic Agency
2 - 9
River + Wolf
2 - 9
10 - 49
encite branding + marketing + creative
2 - 9
10 - 49
Suffescom Solutions
100 - 249
End Point Corporation
50 - 99
Olive Street Design
under 49
Innovative Flare
under 49
Blue Fountain
50 - 249
Exemplary Marketing LLC
250 - 999
Keyideas Infotech Private Limited
50 - 249
Studio Fox Design
10 - 49
10 - 49
Storm Brain
2 - 9
Hillclimb Design, LLC
2 - 9

Find the Best Web Development Company for You

Hiring a professional web development company is an honorable step when growing your brand or business. If you need help from the experts, here are the top web development companies to reach out to for incomparable results.

What Services do the Best Web Development Companies Provide?

Web development is critical backend-focused work when launching websites and digital platforms. Whenever someone has an idea for a new website, app, or software, developers fill the most essential role in making it happen.

There are so many things that go into web development. Agencies provide various services depending on what your project needs.  

Full Stack Website Development

Full-service web developers specialize in frontend and backend development. This includes technology languages required for building websites, frameworks for coding web platforms, and the skills to manage server- and network-level tools of development.

Front-End Website Development

Front-end developers handle parts of a website or platform that are user-facing— that is, the visuals, navigation, user interface (UI), and user experience (UX). Front end = appearance + functionality.

Back-End Website Development

Developers that specialize in back end systems manage sites and platforms at a database level. This includes website servers, hosting, data, user information, and other things users don’t see but that exist to make a website what it is.

One-of-a-Kind Web Design

Because web developers handle front- and back-end systems and often work closely with web designers, they have the skills to create, launch, and maintain extremely unique websites. Nearly any preference you have can be executed with a web developer.

Platform Development

Software is an encoded instruction that tells a computer what to do. A platform acts as a specific type of environment in which the software runs or operates. You can think of a platform as an actual stage: it supports the speaker (in this case, a set of software) to deliver information in a way the audience can comprehend. Examples of platforms include Google, Amazon, Waze, DoorDash, and Apple iOS.

Technical SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to any successful website today. Search engines like Google crawl and index websites on the internet to make sure which sites offer internet users valid, quality information. SEO can happen on the page level (throughout the content a user sees) and at a technical level (code or linking structure a developer sees). Top sites on the internet develop with strong technical SEO practices from beginning to end.

Mobile App Development

Creating a new app from scratch takes a team of developers to program, test, launch, and maintain the functions that users enjoy. Many eCommerce or company websites eventually develop apps to allow customers easy access to their accounts online. Examples include Facebook, Capital One, PicsArt, and Yelp.

eCommerce Development & Design

If you need an online eCommerce website where customers can seamlessly shop online, an eCommerce website developer is your solution. These are specific types of developers who configure and launch online sales solutions for the internet marketplace.

Website Maintenance

The best part about developers? They maintain your site in ways you don’t even know how to access. Everything from broken links to slow page load speed, developers know how to go in and fix any mistakes or bugs that may occur.

Types of Web Development Technology 

What goes into web development? It’s a lot more than dragging and dropping visual elements onto a web page.

Web Development Code

The basics of web development is code. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the main three, with multiple subcategories branching out from each other. Coding is the “alphabet” of letters, numbers, and symbols that make up the various programming languages of web development.

Web development firms use code to build websites in two ways: languages and frameworks. 

Programming Languages

Web developers’ job is to tell computer systems what to do. Just like human languages, there are different types of computer programming languages, all of which developers have varying preferences over. Some of these languages include:

  • Javascript 
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Swift

Web Development Frameworks

Web development frameworks are like templates or “recipes” web developers can use to efficiently build new types of programs (or in this case, websites). Programming languages are like the ingredients that go into making a web program; frameworks are like recipes that guide the right ingredients (programming languages) into the right place. The end result is a beautiful, usable website.

Types of frameworks include:

  • Node.js – A backend JavaScript framework
  • Meteor or MeteorJS – An open-source JavaScript framework that can co-exist with other frontend frameworks.
  • Django – The full-stack web development framework for Python.
  • Ruby on Rails – A full-stack development framework for Ruby.
  • .NET – Microsoft’s full-stack framework.
  • Yii, Zend, Laravel – Three popular PHP frameworks.
  • Spring – One of the main application frameworks for Java.

Top Roles in Web Development

In addition to the technical skills required for web development to successfully take shape, many developer roles guide the development process. Professional web development wouldn’t be possible without these key specialists.

IT Specialists

Information technology (IT) experts implement and monitor tech systems in place. In web development, IT specialists manage computer networks that include software, hardware, security, and communication systems. Some agencies offer IT and web development services separately, as each deals with unique roles and responsibilities.

Web Designers

Web design goes hand in hand with web development. Sometimes, web designers create mockups for developers to execute when working with new clients. 

App Developers

App development is common today with the integration of websites. The top development companies employ both web and mobile developers who work together to deliver client satisfaction.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

There are specific requirements, procedures, and practices for expert-quality websites. Quality assurance (QA) testing is a process that checks for potential risks or failures of a site before it goes live. Quality control (QC) testing works to identify errors and defects after a site is launched. Both are necessary for web development and maintenance.

Project Managers

Developing a website is something that takes a lot of time (often months!), teamwork, revisions, and specialist knowledge. Project managers work with both client and developer tasks to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to fulfilling the demands of an excellent website.

Web Design and Web Development: What’s the Difference?

Web designers focus on the appearance and usability of a website. Web developers use code, programming, and computer languaging to build and develop both backend and front end functions of the website. They can also use code to make sure a complex design is supported on the site.

Web Design Companies

Design agencies handle graphics and visual elements. More often than not, web designers create static aesthetic portions of websites and web pages. Their job is to come up with the overall appeal and layout before a site is given true structure.

Web Development Companies

Web designers often make the first design wireframes when building websites, which web developers then turn into code that commands computers to generate how a web page looks or functions. Think of a website like a custom new home: web designers draw the blueprint and choose all the decor; web developers set the foundation and build the entire house.

Why Your Company Website Development Matters

Thinking about creating a website by yourself because it isn’t that hard of a task? Maybe you’ve hired a cheap developer and have been left with a broken site with no one to call. Consider a few of these web development perks that could actually make— or break— your business.

Your Website Says a Lot About Your Brand

What do you want your online reputation to be? Your website is the first impression people make about your company when browsing online. Having a killer website can be one of the best ROIs (Return on Investment) since it is your primary presence in the global online marketplace. Consumers today are highly aware of good and bad web presence, so don’t skimp on this one.

Web Development Lets You Market Your Business

Having a professionally developed website allows you to launch your marketing efforts with ease and can even put you ahead of your competition. Investing in web development firms sets you up for success in the realm of ads, SEO, and web traffic. 

Professional Web Development Companies Make Your Site Accessible

Accessibility is a major concern for internet users and developers today. Accessibility ensures people with disabilities or impairments can still use and comprehend the contents of your site. With changing requirements for accessibility, web developers can set up custom functions that apply to a wider audience base, helping your company reach more people. 

A Great Website Builds Trust with Your Audience

The performance and appearance of your website influence buyer interest, trust, and decision-making. A well-developed website adds credibility and reliability to your brand. Pro tip: the content on your website also affects the audience. Make sure it’s accurate and honest, and maintain good content marketing practices

Developers Help Create Custom Apps and Programs 

Web developers have a strong sense of what type of apps and programs can bring your ideas to life. If you’re thinking about making an app, custom CRM platform, or proprietary software, hiring a development company that specializes in mobile app development is the best option. 

Benefits of Working with a Web Development Agency

What are the long-term benefits of working with a web development company? While most web development firms have results that speak for themselves, here are a few key ways full-service development will help your brand.

  • A web development team saves you time and money.
  • Web development helps improve search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Web development teams make your site compatible with mobile and apps,
  • Website support is available from professional development firms.
  • Expert websites help you beat your competitors.
  • Web development teams can bring virtually any idea to life. 
  • Web development services help your company scale your business online.

No matter what level of operation your company is operating currently, web development can set up the structure your site needs to sustain a larger volume and revenue increase.

Types of Web Development Companies

How do you know what type of web development agency to work with? Here are a few types and how to choose.

eCommerce Development Agency

Offering everything from eCommerce consulting to full site building, an eCommerce agency helps companies run high-level sales.

Corporate Website Development

Large businesses rely on web development firms to produce websites that serve top-notch information to the world. Whether it be a retail company or a news publication, corporate sites uphold business and online reputation.

WordPress Development Company

WordPress is one of the most widely used CMS (content management system) platforms in the world. Compared to other CMS options, it’s renowned for its versatility and web development capabilities. 

Mobile App Development Company 

Web development isn’t limited to desktop websites alone. Mobile apps that function online are a large part of web development today. Some web development companies offer mobile app building exclusively, while others specialize in both websites and apps. 

Custom Website Development Services 

The best way to get a custom site developed is through a professional web development company. Only the best coders know how to make custom features go live on a website in ways visual designers simply can’t.

Web Development and SEO Optimization

Everybody wants to be found online through organic SEO. A web development team makes sure your technical and on-page SEO hits all the marks, and helps your site get found on both web and mobile browsers. 

Custom Software Development Company

Software development companies develop intricate frameworks and applications for users to interact with. Web development combined with custom software solutions is a necessary step to growing a tech business online.

What is the Web Development Process Like?

What does a typical web development project look like? From initial concept to final website powerhouse, top website development companies follow this proven process. 

1. Gathering Information

First, development agencies obtain everything they need to know about the client. This includes:

  • What type of website it is
  • Goals of the website 
  • Company industry 
  • Customer base
  • Website content 
  • Branding (colors, fonts, logos, etc.)
  • Volume of the site (especially for eCommerce sites)

Developers must start with essential information for building your site. Like a home, they need to take into consideration what rooms, style, and functionality your website will need. 

2. Structural Planning 

Equipped with the right information, developers then create an outline or wireframe of the website. This is a conceptual, structural layout of how the site will look and operate. This planning phase covers:

  • Site topics
  • Site maps
  • Key website information 
  • Mockups 
  • Primary keywords
  • Calls to action 
  • Web forms

The planning phase is also usually when developers set up the server and host for the site. They prepare any frameworks, graphics, and software that will need to be integrated into the site.

3. Designing 

Once the plan is agreed upon, it’s time to hit the drawing board. This is where all the visual and functional elements of a website come to life, while taking into account information relevant to the client. This phase can take 4-12 weeks, depending on the client’s preferences and project scope.

Design in web development entails:

  • Site layout 
  • Theme
  • Graphics
  • Images/stock photos 
  • Buttons 
  • Navigation menus
  • User interface

As one of the most important phases of development, client-to-agency communication is abundant during this process. Developers might create more than one prototype to get to know what style the client prefers.

4. Building

Design sets up the website for launch— but in many ways, it’s not enough yet. A web development agency uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build all layers of the design, including any animations, content forms, and shopping carts that coincide with the design.

In the building portion of development, website companies make sure:

  • All page templates are coded and structured properly.
  • Content and copywriting are added to the site. 
  • Links work and direct to the right place.
  • Headlines and text are optimized.

After building out everything from basic design to special site features, testing is a must before the official launch. 

5. Testing

Every page, link, submission form, product, and process is thoroughly tested to check for bugs in development. Desktop and mobile versions of the site are viewed on various browsers to check for compatibility and usability. Once a website is available to the public, A/B testing can be set up to track the most effective layout. This is common, especially with landing pages. 

6. Launching

After testing is complete and all parts of the website work well, it’s time for client approval from the web development firm. When everything is approved, a full launch takes place.

7. Maintenance

One thing every website needs after full launch is ongoing maintenance. Links can break, plugins need to be updated, and general server issues can happen to any site. The best web development companies offer regular site support, whether on an hourly or pre-agreed basis.

Hiring the Best Web Development Firm: What to Look For

Here are some traits to look for when seeking one of the top web development firms to hire for your website or app. 

Web Development Firm Portfolio

A portfolio shows notable website projects a mobile and web development company has accomplished. Notice what web development companies’ websites and apps you like and dislike, as this could help you explain style preferences to your future developer.

Custom, Compatible Web Design Services

Some web design companies only offer templates or pre-configured development options. Look for a website development company that can create custom websites from scratch, especially if you need something one-of-a-kind. 

Use of Emerging Technologies 

Growing tech like web3, AI (artificial intelligence), and virtual reality are becoming more popular in the online world today. If your brand wants to adopt these powerful technologies in their online presence, find a website development firm that’s familiar with these tools.

Website Strategy and Revenue Goals 

Full-scale web development services know how to work with the best online strategies and marketing goals. They’ll be eager to discuss your company goals and preferences to deliver the most useful website possible. 

Continual Support and Security

Since your company’s sales force relies on a 24/7 web presence on the internet, you need a web and software development partner you can trust. Vet a development company that has plenty of customer support, and upholds a good reputation in the industry.

How Much Does a Web Development Company Cost?

There’s no set price range on how much a web development company may cost. Website value can range from $1,000 to $450,000, depending on the web development services, team, and intensity of the project.

Consider the type of development you need, the average cost for your project size, and the level of custom development you’ll need. Then, take into consideration your website budget to make a final decision. 

Website Size & Project ScopeAverage Price Range
3-5 Pages, design$1,000-$5,000
3-5 Pages, full development & maintenance $2,500-$6,000
5-7 Pages, custom development & support$5,000-$10,000
7-10 Pages, custom development & support $10,000-$50,000
10+ Pages, custom development & support$20,000+

Development agencies also charge in different ways. Some charge a flat fee for web development and then hourly for additional revisions and maintenance; others charge per project with an established price that includes set deliverables. 

Project-based websites typically cost between $10,000 and $75,000 depending on the agency. 

Signs You Need to Hire Websites Development Company

When is the best time to hire a web development firm? Whether you have an existing website or you need a brand new platform developed, here are the sure signs it’s time to invest in professional development services. 

You Have No Website & Want to Scale

If your business is ready to grow but you don’t have a website, good luck. A website is a requirement for any company that wants to establish a bigger customer base today. 

Your Website isn’t Mobile Friendly 

If your website isn’t responsive on mobile or tablet, or you can’t seem to get it to automatically adjust to other screen sizes, hire a web developer. Since nearly 50% of internet users browse websites on their smartphones, lacking a functional mobile site version prevents a large percentage of users from using your site. 

Your Company Requires Multiple Advanced Web Platforms 

If you run a legacy brand or a large corporation but your current website is inadequate, it’s time to hire a web development company. They can walk you through every step of the process to generate an online sales machine that will grow with your business.