Visible Logic

#1-Visible Logic

Visible Logic creates branding & marketing for B2B, startups, associations, technology-based products and specialized services. Located in the historic State Theater building in Portland, Maine. At Visible Logic, we specialize in branding and digital marketing for businesses that are complex and unconventional. We distill and focus your message, so it’s clear and consistent. We shape and refine your image, so it’s appealing and impactful. Then, we develop creative and effective ways to share your communications, so they’re engaging and easy to comprehend.



TechSpeed's approach to data management is unique. We focus on optimizing the performance of organisations by leveraging our team of experts that support various types of data. TechSpeed offers free consultation, customized and collaborative transition planning, shared expertise and complete fee transparency to our clients. Owned and managed in the USA TechSpeed has a portfolio of thousands of satisfied clients all over the world.



Emerge is a digital product agency who focuses on small to medium sized businesses. They build websites for the purpose of creating revenue, online communities that generate revenue and tools for business which have helped grow many successful start-ups.  Also they offer a depth of knowledge and experience to identify, diagnose and solve your biggest challenges and unlock untapped opportunities.



We specialize in strategy and using qualitative results, so there’s substance behind the screen. We know your company is more than just a pretty face (but we’ll give it one of those, too). We work with credit unions and other forward-thinking companies to create delightful online client experiences that achieve key business outcomes.

Watermelon Web Works

#5-Watermelon Web Works

Watermelon Web Works was founded in 2002 to build amazing websites for small businesses & non-profits. Our main offices are located in Portland, Oregon and Denver, Colorado, but we serve clients from all across the nation. We’re always happy to sit down and meet face-to-face with local clients. The key to great web design is communication – we strive to listen to our clients needs so that we can provide the best results possible that meet (or exceed) their expectations.

HB Design, Inc

#6-HB Design, Inc

HB Design is a strategic visual communications company that unites design with technology to help companies achieve their business goals. Our team has a wide range of experience within design and technology. We have amazingly low turn-over which means we have a well-oiled machine of talented strategists, programmers, and visionary designers. Our job is to create beautiful work that delivers results and makes you look good.

Pivot Group

#7-Pivot Group

Pivot is a customer engagement company that comes alongside our clients to help them comprehend their markets through our research division, connect with their audience through our marketing and creative services agency, and convert leads into sales through our training division. We are a group of dreamers and hard workers who love telling our clients’ stories. We also love ice cream, because ice cream.



Based in Portland, Oregon, Delmain provides online marketing and website design services to small businesses around the country. Since 2009, Delmain's data-driven approach to SEO, paid advertising, and online marketing has delivered real results to real businesses. Working with clients like dentists, lawyers, and home contractors, Delmain is proud to partner with the best small businesses, and their 97% client retention rate is the highest in the industry!

Good & Gold Marketing

#9-Good & Gold Marketing

Good & Gold is a digital marketing and design agency. With our proven recipe of tactical planning, thoughtful goal-setting, and sharp analysis, we aim to elevate your vision to efficiently deliver transformative results. We love partnering with like-minded, ambitious organizations that believe in the power of smart, data-driven digital marketing.

Harlo Agency

#10-Harlo Agency

Harlo is a creative agency specializing in strategy, design, digital, social, and branding. Since 2004, Harlo has been teaming up with leading brands, both domestic and international, to create meaningful, sophisticated digital experiences.

Natalie McGuire Designs

#11-Natalie McGuire Designs

In this day and age, you know you need more than just a web designer peddling fancy fonts, branding buzz words, and color palettes as if having a “pretty website” is enough to have a successful online business. After all, you’ve got big plans to serve, grow, and scale your impact with your audience, and deliver your breakthrough, world-bettering services, and digital products.

Web Upon

#12-Web Upon

We specialize in reverse-engineering the customer journey. From web design to SEO, social, & content marketing we use data-driven insights to bring your brand closer to customers. Our algorithmically driven approach creates a tight feedback loop between marketing, sales, your users, search engines, and macro industry trends. This allows our campaigns to be more responsive, efficient, and significantly more effective than competitors.

Modern Interface

#13-Modern Interface

We meet, we listen, and then we develop a creative strategy to represent your business online to the people who will benefit from your products and services. If you aren't sending the right message, you may be unappealing or confusing to your target market. After getting to know you and your business, we will create an amazing website that does more than convey who you are. All of our sites are responsive and cater to the Retina display.

Center Street Digital

#14-Center Street Digital

Grow Your Business with a Beautiful Website and Online Visibility. Get a beautiful website. Enjoy peace-of-mind website maintenance. Grow your visibility with strategic SEO campaigns.

NS Modern Website Design Portland

#15-NS Modern Website Design Portland

NS Modern is a local Portland, OR company. We develop unique and custom websites designs, engaging the best practices for SEO and responsive website design. Building attractive, professional and user-friendly websites is essential for the success of any business, and is our passion at NS Modern.

Murmur Creative

#16-Murmur Creative

At Murmur we elevate and empower brands that share our passion for equity, equality, and sustainability. Our approach involves distinguishing, defining, and creating what is unique and valuable about your organization. We are a B Corp and a socially proactive organization. We specialize in working with businesses in the food and beverage, healthy lifestyle, and social good spaces.

Daylight Studio

#17-Daylight Studio

Daylight is a full-service interactive and design studio. Founded in 2002, we specialize in helping companies develop and create a Web presence that covers all aspects of the digital marketing functions: including brand storytelling, business development, e-commerce, learning management, product education, social media, and e-mail marketing.

Intuitive Digital

#18-Intuitive Digital

Intuitive Digital is a data-driven digital marketing agency and Certified B Corp in Portland, Oregon specializing in SEO, PPC, Web Design and Development, Content and CRO. We try to Cultivate Happiness for our clients (we call them partners) by delivering quality work to help them grow their business. And for our employees by creating a healthy work-life balance in a supportive company culture that encourages growth and experimentation.



We help companies elevate their brand through websites, print, branding and digital marketing solutions that connect, engage, inform and inspire. Located in the iconic city of Portland, Oregon, Stellaractive has helped clients across the U.S. build an engaging online presence since 2007. Our full-service marketing solutions are an affordable way to maintain consistent messaging and drive brand growth.



Every customer is unique. You are not dealing with a faceless big company. Work one-on-one with That’s why we customize every one of our plans to fit your needs exactly. Whether it’s a small strategy or a comprehensive effort we listen to your requests, and prepare a customized plan. Digtal Marketing company based in Oregon that specializes in creating unique and customized marketing solutions for small businesses and mid-side businesses.