10 Best WordPress Plugins for Newsletter Subscription

Plugins are small pieces of software that serve to make your work with WordPress easier. They usually require a few clicks from you to get the desired result. Such plugins are capable of many different functions. You can create a child theme, install grammar checker, or use plugins to simplify and organize your newsletter subscription.

Many websites and blogs can benefit from the use of newsletter subscription plugins because creating and sending out emails manually can be time ineffective. However, if you use one of the plugins mentioned in the article, you will definitely be happy with the outcome. New technologies are developed daily to make your Internet presence more comfortable. These plugins offer different functions, so you should be selective in terms of what your website really needs.

What Is a Newsletter?

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A newsletter is a publication which is used to inform subscribers and customers about the company’s developments. Newsletters’ goal is to convert subscribers into potential customers by letting them know about the company’s news and discounts. Newsletters positively affect your brand awareness levels and are used in every advertising and marketing campaign.

Newsletters are a powerful marketing tool. Many different promotional tools appear and go in oblivion, but newsletters stay at the top. Their main advantage is the opportunity to target a particular group of customers or visitors that increases the chances of converting them into buyers. Thus, even though new marketing tricks proved to be more effective, newsletters stay as an old-fashioned but reliable way to target your audience.

WordPress Newsletter Subscription Plugin Variety

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A variety of WordPress subscription plugins will definitely impress you. However, not each of them will fit your theme or function the way you expect. Our WordPress experts have compiled a list of 10 newsletter subscription plugins that are widely recognized as the best among the existing options:


MailChimp is one of the most popular free newsletter plugins that can boast with over 100,000 active installations. Apart from creative newsletter ideas, it also offers a subscription function. However, it comes with a $10 monthly payment. This plugin gained its recognition for seamless integration with other popular services.

MailPoet Newsletter

MailPoet plugin allows to send out an unlimited number of emails to over 2000 subscribers. It may feet small businesses if used for free and big businesses if used with a $15 subscription. MailPoet allows configuring your newsletters designs and send out regimes to make sure they fit your business goals.


Newsletter plugin has a mission of making your life simpler. It serves to send out your emails without your direct participation. You can automate every action you want to be taken with regards to newsletters and be sure it will be conducted on time. This WordPress newsletter subscription plugin is a perfect solution for your email marketing efforts.

Tibulant WordPress Newsletter Plugin

Tibulant WordPress Newsletter Plugin serves to collect visitors’ emails and fulfills all newsletter related needs of business. You can configure it to serve the way that fits your goals best. Apart from collecting information about your visitors, it also provides the best customer experience to them during the subscription process. This piece of software allows you to create and design newsletters WordPress will accept as well as stay on track with your results.


The motto of this plugin is to convert your visitors into subscribers. This plugin is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. It became even more recognized when it issued a new version with updated functions. Nowadays, OptinMonster can group and recognize subscribers according to different criteria. However, this software requires regular payment that is $9 per month.


Bloom is the OpinMonster’s number one competitor which regularly takes over the first prize in terms of popularity and convenience. This newsletter plugin provides you with over 100 beautiful newsletter design templates. All you need to do is simply insert your text and click a send out button. There are hundreds of other useful functions available to Bloom users once they opt for $89/year subscription.

Sumo List Builder

Sumo List Builder is designed to maximize your customer conversion rates. It collects information about your one-time visitors and offers creative newsletter design to attract and turn them into subscribers. It is created using the most advanced technologies, so its simplicity and functionality will definitely make you satisfied.

Email Subscribers & Newsletters

This plugin is designed to meet all your newsletter subscription and email marketing needs at once. It automatically enables welcome emails to every new subscriber. It also needs very little of your time to create and schedule emails. In addition, this plugin easily integrates with other related plugins that makes it very easy to use.

WP Subscriber Pro

This plugin can please both you and your client with the simplicity of the interface. It is very convenient for both sides to use it for subscription and send out. Apart from sending letters, it can also help you in creating them by providing lots of interesting newsletter design ideas. It can be easily integrated with other plugins to meet all your business goals.


SendinBlue is famous for its excellent service and reputation in email marketing. It makes it easier to connect with your subscribers and helps in growing your target audience. SendinBlue has no limits and can send your emails to thousands of customers. The plugin is free, but if you want to get some advanced features, you should subscribe for $25 a month.

Final Words

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WordPress serves not only to help you create and power your website or blog but also to make sure you get the most of it. It allows adding plugins that would make your work with the system easier. In return, it becomes even more popular among its users. Newsletter subscription plugins are only a small group among a vast pool of other plugin solutions. They help you manage your email communication with your audience as well as make sure you get detailed statistics and analytics of such communication.

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