SEO for WordPress: 10 tips and tricks for website visibility improvement

If you want to get a good position in the ranking of search engines, then you need to take seriously your marketing strategy plan. Fortunately, using WordPress gives you an advantage, as this CMS initially took care of the basic features for WordPress SEO optimization. This is one of many other reasons why people most often use WordPress.

However, there are still a number of things you can do to raise your WordPress SEO to a higher level. To make it easier for you to do this, we have created this guide. Below we have collected the top 10 tricks and tips for SEO improvements.

Do keyword research to define your SEO strategy

Searching for keywords can greatly affect your SEO for WordPress strategy. Keyword research will allow you to:

  • Create content relevant to your visitors.
  • Generate a better understanding of market needs.
  • Track the success of everything you write about.
  • Generate valuable traffic for your site.

There are many tools that can help you with the search for keywords. Some of the most famous are KWFinder, SEMRush, and even Google Keyword Planner.

The basic principles are as follows:

  • Create a list of targeted keywords related to your topic.
  • Enter them into the keyword search tool to find those that get a decent amount of traffic and have the least competition.
  • Explore competitors by launching similar sites using keyword research tools to find out which keywords bring them the most traffic.
  • See which of these keywords have low enough competition that you could compete.

Turn on the visibility of your site for search engines

WordPress has a built-in setting that will hide your site from search engines. It can be useful to you when you just create your website, forbid it to rank for this time. If you have applied several tips from our list, but have not seen an improvement in the rating of your site, this setting may be the reason. To see whether it is enabled or not, go to Settings ›Reading from the console of your WordPress. Scroll down and you will see the Visibility section for search engines. Make sure the setting is unchecked. Then click on Save Changes.

Integrate Google Analytics

Another Google tool you’d like to include in your arsenal is Google Analytics. This tool will show you how well your SEO strategy works by in-depth analysis of traffic to your website. To create your account, go to the Google Analytics home page and create it. Next, you need to arrange your tracking code. It can be found in Tracking Info ›Tracking Code. Then copy the code that looks like the one below. Depending on your WordPress theme customization, you may have the option to add a Google Analytics tracking code directly. If this is not possible, then you will have to use a plugin. Open the plugin and go to the header section, insert the tracking code. This is it! Now you can see the statistics of your site.

Optimize your website for mobile devices

Google has recently announced that they have begun their tests on indexing primarily mobile content. This means that they are beginning to use the performance and functionality of your mobile pages to determine ranking. Therefore, if you are using a non-responsive theme, it’s time to fix it. But besides using a responsive theme, check how your site works on mobile platforms. To do this, open a test from Google on the friendliness of your pages to mobile devices and enter the address of your site. This will give you an understanding of how the mobile version of your site works and some tips on how to improve SEO for small businesses.

Fix broken links

Having a large number of broken links is not very good for your readers or your WordPress SEO service. In addition, they make it difficult for Google’s bots to crawl your site. The easiest way to check your site for broken links is to open the Google Search Console and click on Scan Errors. Then open each error, and it will show you where the broken link is located so that you can fix it.

Create high-quality content

Google loves quality content. Look at the top 10 results for any given keyword, and you will find that the content meets two requirements:

  1. Content is usually longer and has high standards.
  2. The content serves the search purpose.

Long, well-written content is great. But you may not know what a search query is. In essence, the purpose of the search is the intent behind the key phrase.

When you create any content, you should examine what is currently being ranked and try to understand why it is being ranked. Sometimes content will only be ranked by domain. But if each site has the same amount of influence, then the content itself will be a distinctive factor.

To better understand the keyword and what visitors are looking for, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are they looking for information or content about the product?
  • Are they looking for something in-depth? Or short?
  • Why are the current pages ranked?
  • What style of content is best for the keyword?

With a better understanding of the keyword, pages with a good rating and what the potential visitor wants, you will be ready to create a fragment of epic content.

Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen content can be a powerful traffic driver. This style of content will always be relevant, as it does not depend on the time of submission of information. Compare, for example, “Main SEO Guide” or something like “What you need to know about the latest Google update“. The first will be relevant for a long time, and the second will be based on information based on time. This does not mean that you publish your evergreen content once and for all forget about it. Instead, you regularly update your content to reflect the latest and most relevant aspects of your industry or topic. Evergreen content is valuable because it does not lose its relevance. This means that you can constantly share, promote and collect backlinks to this content. This style of content will usually hold top positions for many years.

Link to quality resources

Links to high-quality sources will not hurt your SEO, in fact, it can really help. When you refer to high-quality official sources, you tell Google that related content is similar to yours. In addition, it empowers users by providing readers with more information on the topic. Do not let your site become a dead end on the Internet; sharing a link is good. Regularly make links to useful sources, as this will help improve your own credibility and reliability.

Make linking content

Whenever you have a chance, you should link to older content that you have published. Regular internal links can bring you the following benefits: Simplify crawling your site for Google bots and deeper access to pages and posts. Sending link weight to other posts and blog pages that may not attract links on their own Help Google understand the context of your page content via hyperlinks Keep visitors on your site longer to visit more pages, thereby reducing bounce rates and increasing the time spent on the site. WordPress development service makes it easy to link your content together.

Improve the header tags

Your header tags will give the crawler robots an idea of ​​what your content is about. Using these tags in your content will make it more readable and optimized for search engines. As a rule, you should have one H1 tag for each post and the hierarchy H2, H3, H4, etc. under it. Your H1 tag will also be the title of your message, so you will definitely want to include the target keyword in it. For other title tags, if possible, use a variant of the target keyword. However, do not fill your headlines with keywords if they do not make sense for your message. In WordPress, you can easily add title tags through the drop-down menu.


As you can see, there are many things that you need to consider when optimizing your website for the search engines. I hope that the post above was useful to give you a great place to start optimizing your site. Finally, remember that SEO is a long-term game. The more effort you put into SEO, the more results you will see, but usually, these results only come after a while. Your turn. Are there any tips we missed? Have you achieved success in implementing some of the tips in this post? Please share in the comments below.

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