WooCommerce WordPress Installation and Setup to Create an Online Store

The majority knows WordPress for its convenience in creating hands-on and unique websites that can serve different purposes. It was originally designed to enable people to create their blogs and share their hobbies and opinions online. However, until now, WordPress has developed into a powerful website development system that now includes tools to create online stores as well.

One of these tools is WooCommerce. It is a relatively new software that has already gained recognition as the best eCommerce plugin for free. If you want to create an online store and start selling products online, choosing a WooCommerce WordPress combination is the best option for you. Even though it may seem difficult to know what to start with, this software is designed to easily navigate you through the fundamental components of an online store website creation.

However, to be able to see a bigger picture, let’s start with finding out what WooCommerce is and how it is used in WordPress.

How WooCommerce Helps?

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WooCommerce was created by a strong software development team in 2011. Since then, WooCommerce has been advancing as a tool and gained its popularity among website developers and online store owners. Today, it is mostly known as a WordPress plugin for online store creation that offers expanded functionality for free.

Today, WooCommerce is used to help people sell goods and services through their websites. When the website undergoes WooCommerce customization, its owner gets a better opportunity to control stocks, manage inventory, receive and accept payments, ship products, and even calculate taxes. In addition, there are many WooCommerce extensions that help run a professional online store without any extra effort from your side.

For the simplicity of its use and comprehensive nature of the functions it performs, WooCommerce is regarded now as the most popular software solution for online store creation. A study shows that around 25% of eCommerce stores in the world are powered by WooCommerce today.

What Are WooCommerce Main Features?

As an open and free tool, WooCommerce offers a wide range of features. For example:

  • WooCommerce helps you sell tangible and intangible goods.
  • It allows adding an unlimited number of images.
  • You can create product categories and collections if needed.
  • It is possible to add ratings or reviews on each of the product.
  • WooCommerce helps you adjust your locale settings.
  • You can enable filtering and sorting functions for your customers to navigate through the website easily.
  • WooCommerce integrates several payment methods for your customers to feel secured when transferring the money.
  • You can adjust your shipping options as you find optimal.
  • WooCommerce helps you easily manage your orders and keep track of the inventory.

Apart from it, WooCommerce is highly extensible. If you want to upgrade your online store to a new professional level, you can purchase one of the WooCommerce extensions and enjoy even more advanced online store tool.

How to Start with WooCommerce in WordPress?

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It all starts with WooCommerce installation, of course. However, before you proceed with furnishing your website with WooCommerce functions, we do recommend you introduce yourself with WooCommerce tutorial. The point is that this eCommerce tool has a lot of features that you may not be aware of. Thus, having a brief guide on WooCommerce functions can really widen your horizons.

However, when you are done with the WordPress part of website creation, including filling out your data, creating a name, performing WordPress customizations, etc., you can proceed with downloading and installing WooCommerce plugin from the plugin directory. When you launch it, you will be guided through the process of creating essential online store pages, including “My Account,” “Balance,” “Checkout,” etc. You can also add your pages if you need some specific ones.

You will be required to set up locale settings for your business, including country, currency, and other related information. Then, you will be transferred to the Tax page since WooCommerce cares much about the correct and timely calculation of taxes. After filling this out, you can choose a payment method that will be offered to your customers as a primary one.

The following steps of your WordPress website customization will refer merely to filling out product information, uploading high-quality images, enabling product categories, and writing a short description for each item. No worries, you will be guided automatically through the entire process, or you can hire a WordPress expert who will save your time and efforts.

WordPress Theme Install

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We intentionally omitted the topic of WordPress theme customization because it should be done after you add products to your store. When the most time-consuming part of the job is done, you need to think about the visual appearance. With all product-related information inserted, you can customize from a better perspective.

Regardless of the WordPress theme you choose, they all work well with WooCommerce. However, leaving customization to the end of the process was necessary for you to be able to check the layout of the individual product pages as well. When you are done with the data entry part of website creation, you can make sure that everything looks the way you expected.

However, even though all WordPress theme collection functions perfectly with WooCommerce, it still has to offer some WooCommerce-optimized themes. We recommend you have a look at those ones offered for free because some of them look really great and stylish. WooCommerce design team has taken some customer behavior tricks into consideration to make each theme good-looking and profitable.

Final Words

WooCommerce creates unlimited opportunities for those who only start their online sales business as well as later extends them for medium and big businesses. WooCommerce requires no investment from you before your store actually starts bringing you profit, but it does need you to have some knowledge about the features it offers. In practice, when you start online store creation, all you need to do is to install the plugin and follow a procedure initiated by the program. Once this is done, you need to customize the website look for it to appeal to your customers. WooCommerce can be perfectly integrated with any WordPress theme that makes this tool ideal for WordPress online store creation.

If you don’t have enough technical background to set up your online store, or you simply don’t have time, our e-commerce experts install the store and perform all necessary configuration with great pleasure. Your awesome online boutique will be up and running within the next 24 hours.

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