Shopify Partners Guide: Key Features & Pricing Plans

As Shopify partners, you enjoy so many benefits. On the other hand, Shopify merchants need help to grow their eCommerce stores and attract more customers. 

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms with multiple features that make it easy for merchants to set up websites and sell to potential customers.

Starting with 2021, the global eCommerce market was expected to rise to $4.89 trillion. The Covid 19 pandemic influenced the growth of mobile shopping. 

According to Oberlo, the amount of time spent on mobile in the US daily has risen to 234 minutes. The statistics further reveal that 3 out of 4 dollars spent on online purchases is through a mobile device. That is 72.9% of the market share. 

As more people continue to use Shopify for eCommerce, it has led to the growth of affiliate programs and Shopify itself. In this guide, we will discuss the Shopify partners.

Let’s dive in!

Who is A Shopify Partner

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Source: Shopify Partners

Borrowing from the definition from Shopify, it is a group of marketers, affiliates, developers, and designers who build themes, apps, and websites for Shopify merchants. 

Shopify partners are active members of the platform. As a Shopify Partner, you have the advantage of growing your business as well as generating revenue by:

  1. Referring new clients to use the eCommerce platform;
  2. Create a Shopify theme and publish it in the Theme store;
  3. Create custom Shopify apps and publish them in the app store.

Shopify has over 1,000,000 merchants. As a Shopify Partner, you can help these merchants make the best out of the platform and increase sales to their stores. 

The Shopify Partner program continues to evolve as nearly 45,800 partners have directed new merchants to the Shopify platform. 

Features Of Shopify Partners

The main features of the Shopify partners are:

  • Solve issues for the merchants

Use your skills to help merchants solve various issues related to design, development, or marketing. You will earn revenue by offering such services to the merchants. 

New merchants keep joining Shopify. In addition, Shopify merchants are always looking for a solution to an existing problem. The purpose of Shopify Partners is to provide a solution. 

  • Migrate or build a Shopify store

New merchants to Shopify will require you to set up a store from scratch or migrate an existing one from other platforms like Woocommerce or Wix. 

  • Create Apps

Merchants rely on apps to increase sales in their businesses. As a developer, you can design custom apps for the merchants and earn revenue. Besides, you can create apps and publish them in the Shopify app store.

  • Become an affiliate

Another feature for Shopify partners is the affiliate program. As an affiliate, you refer other merchants to Shopify. The benefit of it is that it earns you revenue, in return. 

  • Flexibility in learning

Another feature of the Shopify affiliate program is the flexibility in learning. You have access to learning resources for free. For example, you can access how-to guides, live chat, and Shopify Academy. 

Shopify Partners Pricing Plan

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Source: Shopify

It’s free to create an account with Shopify partners. You earn revenue when you make a contribution to the platform, like designing an app or theme and referring a client. 

However, if you’re using the platform for the first time, you need to know the various Shopify plans. The available pricing plans are – Shopify, Basic Shopify, and Advanced Shopify. 

Depending on your budget and eCommerce needs, you can pick a plan based on your preference. 

How To Join The Shopify Partner Program

Joining the Shopify partner program is very easy. You have a few steps to follow. Although mentioned earlier, it’s worth stressing that it’s free. You do not have to make payments to become a Shopify partner. 

The simple steps below will help you join the Shopify partner program:

  1. Open on your browser. If you have an account already, you can click on the login button.
  2. However, if you’re creating an account for the first time, click on the Join Now button. To get started, you need to add your email address. Click Join Now. Make sure you have the Shopify partner login credentials. 

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Source: Shopify Partners

  1. You can now proceed to create a Shopify ID. You will need to enter your email address, first name, last name, new password and confirm the new password.

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Source: Shopify

  1. After creating your account, you will have to verify the email. Check for the verification link in your email. Make sure you make the verification fast enough, as the verification link is only valid for 24 hours. 
  2. After the verification, you will land on the Shopify page. Here, you will have several options to make a selection. Choose Shopify partners from the list. Click on the Create new partner account button.
  3. To create this account, you need your business details. Examples are business name, city, business email, country, and website (although it’s not a must). Ensure that you enter the correct information on the required fields.
  4. Once you’re satisfied with the business information, select your goal. So, why do you want to join the Shopify partner program? 
  5. After selecting your goal, the next step is to pick an eCommerce platform. If you’re on either of the eCommerce platforms within the list, you can go ahead and select it. Otherwise, you can choose none.
  6. Finally, make sure you read the Shopify Partner program agreement. Once you’re content with the information, check the agreement checkbox. 

Shopify Partner Dashboard

Your Shopify dashboard is where you will access your business. You can check the statistics, discounts, customers, products, and more. 

From the Get Started section, select the Shopify partner program services you want to offer. Click Apply now to start using the program.

Your Shopify dashboard is accessible every time you log in to your partner program. You have access to the Shopify partner support and have your questions answered. 

The Shopify dashboard helps partners to keep track of:

  • Shopify stores that you are managing for clients;
  • The payment schedule for your referrals;
  • Apps, stores, and themes for your clients.

However, you may not get your Shopify partner request accepted immediately. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the free training and start learning. The benefit of taking up the courses is that you get a certificate. 

Benefits of A Shopify Partner Program & Shopify Plus Partner Program 

Here you can see a short comparison table about these programs:

Shopify Partner ProgramShopify Plus Partner Program 
1. Access to free training through the Shopify Partner Academy and you can get a certificate after completing a course.
1. Access to Shopify Plus education and training.
2. Access to Shopify information.2. The Shopify partner has the possibility to get included in the sales opportunity for the Shopify Plus partner program.
3. Access public recognition as the Shopify Plus partner
4. Access to increased commission based on your activities. 

As a Shopify Plus Partner, you provide services to Shopify Plus merchants. You will provide various services to the merchants including, UX and design, business planning and execution, migration from a different eCommerce platform, and development of custom websites. 

How To Get Paid As a Shopify Partner

Shopify partners earn revenue based on the services or contribution to Shopify. You make money by being a Shopify affiliate or creating an app or theme. Hence, your contribution to Shopify determines your earning.

To receive your Shopify payments, you need a PayPal account. If your earning is above $25, it is paid twice monthly. However, if it’s below $25, the payment is held until your next payout.

Shopify Experts

Similar to Shopify partners, the Shopify experts help merchants increase sales to their stores. However, not everyone qualifies to be a Shopify expert. 

It’s for the Shopify partners who have proven skills and experiences in the services they offer. For instance, if you’re a developer looking for an opportunity as a Shopify expert, you need to demonstrate high-quality skills in your field.

The purpose is to increase business growth for top-tier partners. Shopify experts have access to exclusive resources, learning opportunities and benefit from more exposure. 

Shopify App Metrics For Developers To Track

As an app developer on the Shopify partner program, you need to measure specific metrics to help you make better decisions. So, which app metrics should you pay attention to:

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

It is a representation of the monthly revenue. MRR is not the actual revenue collected. The benefit of MRR is that it helps you know if your leads are converting into customers. 

  • Lead Velocity Rate (LVR)

As an app developer in the Shopify partner, your goal is to attract more leads to use your app. The lead velocity rate measures the number of qualified leads in a current month compared to a previous month. 

  • Lead Conversion Rate (LCR)

The lead conversion rate metric measures the number of leads converted into actual customers. The time frame is usually a period of 30 days.

  • Churn rate

Churn metric measures the number of customers who stop using your services within a specific time. A churn rate usually has a negative impact on your revenue. 

  • Lifetime Value

The metric helps you identify the number of customers who use your product for a given period of time. For instance, you have a trial period for your app for 30 days. 

You notice that some users use it for 30 days while others stop using it after 10 days. As the app developer, you can make long-term decisions based on how merchants interact with your app. 

Shopify Partner Academy

One of the benefits of having a Shopify partner account is accessing free training. The goal of the partner academy is to help Shopify partners grow their businesses in various ways. These are:

  1. Train new employees – at the Shopify partner academy, you learn to prepare new employees joining an agency that has already partnered with Shopify. 
  2. Grow your skills – you will learn new skills to develop the Shopify platform and improve your business. 
  3. Diversify the services you offer – help Shopify merchants grow their businesses and learn how to take advantage of opportunities in a new business. 

The courses at the Shopify partner academy are up-to-date to help you learn more skills and knowledge. In addition, the training and certifications are intended for Shopify partners.

The Shopify partner Academy helps Shopify partners learn about the platform and its services. Its other purpose is to help partners learn how to be successful Shopify partners.

Examples of topics covered are – sales, marketing, store operation, Shopify Plus, project management, revenue and pricing, etc. 

To access the Shopify partner program Academy, here’s how to go about it:

  1. While on your partner dashboard, go to education, then click on Partner Academy;
  2. Click on View all courses;
  3. Identify your course preference and click start

And That’s It

If you’re looking for additional ways to earn revenue on Shopify as a freelancer, developer, marketer, or designer, you can make use of the Shopify partner program.

You can refer new merchants, design themes and apps for the merchants, and earn revenue. It is free to create an account. 

Besides making money, you also access the Shopify partner academy to learn new skills. You can also have a chance to upgrade to Shopify expert.

So, do you want to be a Shopify partner? As more merchants shift to online platforms to drive more sales, you can offer your services to merchants and make money in return. 

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