Best 15 Web Design Brochure Examples 2022

Like any other marketing tool, a brochure website is a perfect addition to your marketing mix that is affordable and easier to use. 

What is a Website Brochure?

A brochure website is a printed online brochure companies use to market specific products or services. They are easily printed, sent, received, or uploaded on the web in the case of a web design brochure

In case you are making brochures from scratch, you can download an online brochure template that can be found on any brochure website.In this article, we’ll walk you through the 15 best brochure website examples. Let’s start!

How Do I Make a Brochure for My Website?

Brochures are easy to make as you can also find various web design brochure templates on the internet. If created correctly, brochure websites can play an important role in marketing your product or service.

The best way to use a web design brochure is to attach it to the company’s social media profile page or add it to the website designed to get maximum reach. A brochure website is different from an e-commerce site as it doesn’t offer the option to buy; rather, it provides the company’s contact information so customers can reach them and make the purchase.

Unlike heavily clustered websites, a brochure website is usually very simple, where the text is clearly visible to the audience. This helps the search engine observe and notice the website, which is how brands stand out among the crowd. The main purpose of a brochure is to advertise the company’s services and broaden the range of the target audience that can turn into potential buyers.

What Is a Design Brochure? 

The act and the process of designing a brochure are referred to as brochure design. A properly made brochure should be eye-catching, contain all the necessary information, use the right colors and fonts, and be aesthetically pleasing. Not only does a good brochure design demand the correct font and the right content, but the selection of images and the catchy logo will also play a great role in promoting your services.

The process of brochure designing involves many steps, including but not limited to selecting the target audience, the relevance of the content and the images with your product or services, the content that will be placed on the brochure, etc. The selection of relevant images and the content placement are all decided while designing the brochure.

While it may seem that the process of web brochure designing is a simple task, there are things to be considered which take a lot of planning. The color schemes should be carefully selected, and the images should be attractive and luring for the customers. The text must contain keywords that would interest the correct target audience, and the text’s tone should also be considered before finalizing the project.

What are the Functions of Brochures?

There are many advantages and functions of a brochure. For instance, the best thing about brochures is that they are cost-effective. This means a cheaper marketing solution and better company awareness. A web design brochure would enable the marketing team to relay more information in less space specifying the product’s key features or the services in question in an eye-catching way.

Many people would prefer to see brochures to get the information they want instead of reading lengthy articles on some topic or skimming through other people’s reviews. Experts carefully select the font, text, and colors, which are important in persuading clients to use your services. It also saves much energy and time otherwise used to make hefty website videos or adverts.

So far, we have discussed how brochures are important in production, but they are also easier to use when it comes to distribution. Brochures can be distributed in an easy and hassle-free manner, whether they are displayed or distributed by hand. It is easy to give people important information and show them how serious you are about your services.

It always helps if there are business practices and credentials and reviews of past customers to motivate people into becoming new customers. We have seen many advertisements on television and in the newspapers. Still, receiving a company’s brochure adds a personalized touch, which sheds light on how devoted the company is to its branding policy.

What Makes a Good Brochure Design?

Here are a few important elements that highlights a good brochure design.

The Format

As we have previously discussed, many complicated details need to be focused on to make an acceptable and useful brochure. In the competitive market these days, however, making an acceptable brochure is simply not enough. To gain the upper hand in the aggressive competition against your rival businesses, one must have the best brochure design for your website. Here are a few things to consider when designing a good brochure.

The first thing that a good brochure requires is an appropriate format. For the first step in designing a good web design brochure, one must consider the product or the services they offer. Of course, if the services are related to children and their toys, the website must consist of simpler words and colorful themes. The designer would also abstain from using pictures that fall in the adult section or are even remotely suggestive.

Similarly, when it comes to certain luxury products, the products basically sell themselves. Imagine making a brochure for a sports car and adding a little picture in one corner, and filling the brochure with boring text. That wouldn’t work; now imagine contributing a quarter of the brochure to show off the sleek and shiny cars tempting the buyers to buy them. 

To cut a long story short, the product or services would determine what format you have to choose and what content ratio would be divided among text, images, and captions.

The Cover Design

Once the format has been decided, a brochure’s second most important is the cover design. The cover and the logo will be the first thing the audience will see. For the proper branding and for people to remember the name of your services or company, the cover of your brochure must be absolutely stunning and attractive. The image involved in the cover must be of a high resolution and should be relevant to the product.

The logo and the motto of the company are going to be the thing that people would remember. The best motto is a short one, to the point, and something catchy so that people memorize it without realizing it. The title’s image and color must neither clash nor should they be so similar that the text is camouflaged and not visible to the audience. The caption should also not be so small that it is hard to read and comprehend from a distance.

The Color Scheme

If you are new to designing, you may not put a lot of emphasis on the color scheme; but it determines whether or not your brochure is worth it. Colors are extremely important in deciding the tone for your web design brochure. A funeral home would not use bright, colorful pictures or captions for their services as the services are serious. Similarly, a child’s toy cannot have a greyish-black color scheme as bright and joyful colors attract children.

Apart from the basic knowledge of the color schemes, studies have shown that different moods are associated with different colors. To represent calm, the color green is used, and to represent danger or thrill; the color red is used. 

Different colors have, over time, adopted a sense of meaning on their own. For example, the color pink represents femininity, whereas blue is considered a masculine color.  The rainbow colors have different meanings related to gender diversity, and the color green represents nature. These hints can further strengthen the theme of your brochure design online.

As we talk about the color scheme, it is a rookie mistake to fill your brochure with too much color is a rookie mistake. Inserting a lot of color in your brochure will make the brochure look clustered and suffocated. Instead, there should be a healthy number of blank spaces or white colors between the text and the images and between paragraphs to avoid clutter.

The Font and Boxes

Another very important aspect of making a good brochure is the correct font usage in the web design brochure. The newbies often take more interest in the color scheme and the pictures on an online web brochure, but the font is also essential. Different brochures demand different fonts, such as the heading must not be so small that it is not visible. 

Similarly, the color in the background may not be in contrast with the heading font, and there might be a need to make the font bigger. It is important to know that the main heading will have the biggest font, the subheadings will have one font smaller, and so on.

The boxes are important in the formatting of your brochure. Before making a brochure, you need to divide your page into sections where the text and the images would be placed. By placing the text and the images in different boxes, you give your entire page a clean look as there are divisions between paragraphs and images that help the audience rest their eyes. 

The boxes come in handy when the person is thinking of how many words to add, as the boxes would determine how much space to allot to different sections.

The Photos

As we know, the main focus of the web design brochure is to attract customers and tempt them into using your product or services. Photos are an essential tool in persuading people to buy your product. How many times have you craved chocolate after looking at a lavish picture of a Snicker bar? How often have you thought of making tea when a commercial shows a person enjoying the comfort of their home and sipping a hot cup of tea?

Pictures have a powerful effect on your mind; if used correctly, this can be the key to making your audience crave your product. Make sure that the pictures used in your online web brochure are your own property, are of high resolution, and are placed correctly in the brochure, and you are good to go.

What are the Examples of Brochure Websites?

Now that we have discussed the many features and elements of a good web design brochure in detail let us see some examples of the best brochure websites in 2022.

1. Warefence

Warefence is a great brochure website design to take as an example of how your brochure should be. This is a security company that deals with the safety of various clients and commercial properties. 

The web design template used by this company is simple and consists mainly of credentials and reviews about their services. The main aim of this marketing brochure design is to focus on how reliable the company is and how it can be trusted.

Source: Warefence

Since the focus is on something intangible, the pictures are not as important as the text is. The information in the brochure inclines toward the services and not the cost because only major firms would use this option and can tailor their quotation for prices.

2. Sarah Hodge

As a hairdressing service provider, Sarah Hodge is a beauty brand. It is one of the more famous commercial services with a renowned brand with multiple awards to its name. This is a famous brand that cares for the quality of its website. For this reason, the website brochure template chosen by this group was fashionable and stylish. 

Sarah Hodge
Source: Sarah Hodge

The color scheme used is classy, and the text mostly relates to their branches’ locations. They have also added an option for people looking to book an appointment online.

3. Ashbury Blinds

The business of Ashbury Blinds is run by a family specializing in furnishings and furniture. The major focus of this company is to sell blinds. The online web design brochure consists of pictures of beautiful curtains. The text is mostly about the blinds’ quality, design, fabric, and material.

Ashbury Blinds
Source: Ashbury Blinds

The company also wants their customers to access them easily, and thus they have also provided a book now an option on the brochure. The location and the catalog of the entire collection are also available for customers to access through links.

4. Unless Agency

Unless Agency is an online brochure website that focuses on consulting services, as the product is intangible, the format is mostly consistent with text that is neatly divided into several sections. Clear white areas give a tidy look and add to the brochure design’s aesthetics online. 

Unless Agency
Source: Unless Agency

The text focuses mainly on the past reviews of the company and the services they are willing to provide.

5. The Hagedorn Group

The Hagedorn Group is related to the construction industry that deals with all processes of making and breaking buildings. In the online website brochure, this company focuses on explaining how they are efficient and professionals in their work. 

The Hagedorn Group
Source: The Hagedorn Group

They use text and images to show how well they have developed their business, and referrals from previous clients are also added there.

6. Deakin Dental

In dentistry, Deakin Dental is a successful dental clinic in Australia. The marketing brochure design this service provider uses shows images of the latest technology that the clinic has to provide better dental services to its customers. 

Deakin Dental
Source: Deakin Dental

The text in the online website brochure focuses on the credentials and specialties of the doctor along with the hygiene and other rules and regulations that are followed in the clinic, alongside the location and contact of the doctor.

7. Super Soco

Super Soco is a brochure website that sells electric motorcycles, focusing mainly on their tempting pictures of them. The brochure website template is of a minimalistic style, and the company has also included animation in the brochure. 

Super Soco
Source: Super Soco

The text in the brochure website template is limited and relevant to the features of the motorcycles.

8. Premier Student Halls

Premier Student Halls is a hostel service that is situated in the area of Birmingham. Naturally, the brochure graphic design focuses on pictures of the rooms and the locations. The text is consistent with the facilities that students are provided with and the rates of the rooms. 

Premier Student Halls
Source: Premier Student Halls

The reviews of the residents are also included in determining that the building is a safe and comfortable place to live. There is also information about the exact location of the premises and other contact information.

9.Saturn Interiors

The company Saturn Interiors focuses on the interior design of bedrooms and kitchens. The web design brochure consists of pictures of their portfolio, giving the audience an idea of how good they are at their job. 

Saturn Interiors
Source: Saturn Interiors

The text is limited as most pictures are enough to draw the customers toward their contact page.

10. Andika

Andika is a company that deals with bookkeeping services to customers from different fields. As this service is intangible, the brochure web design consists of more text and fewer images. The company’s theme is serious, and so is the color theme. 

Source: Andika

The company uses the text to explain its expertise in the area of bookkeeping and the certificates and reviews they have received from its past customers.

11. Churchill Investments

Churchill Investments is another service provider with an amazing brochure design template. As a company that deals with financial consultation, it has been leaving its mark on its clients since 1996. An entire team of advisors is available for consultation on the various problems of life.

Churchill Investments
Source: Churchill investments

Churchill’s investments try to focus on the text that elaborates their team’s efficiency, accuracy, professionalism, and trustworthiness. The contact information is also available alongside the different queries people usually ask about.

12.  Yomira

Yomira is a company that deals with the rent and sale of yachts. The web design brochure contains fun and vibrant pictures of people enjoying their lives on a yacht. These high-quality pictures show how tempting it could be to own or rent a yacht.

Source: Yomira 

The quality of the pictures and the beautiful scenery where the sea is in front of you and the sun is shining is usually enough for people to be interested. The minimal text refers to the location of the company and the procedure for renting out a yacht. 

13. KC Commercial Cleaning

KC Commercial Cleaning is a company that offers cleaning and scrubbing services to various industries, including domestic and external cases. It deals with multiple niches and provides professional services for commercial and individual needs. This company uses the business brochure template to focus on how professional and efficient they are in their work.

KC Commercial Cleaning
Source: KC Commercial Cleaning

The text’s primary focus is to ensure that the work is well done and there are no security issues with the people involved in the cleaning. There is a section devoted to the frequently asked questions, and the brochure website mainly focuses on text rather than images to give out the contact details and referrals.

14. Weston Lodge Shooting Ground

Weston Lodge Shooting Ground is a company spread across 200 acres of land dedicated to fun and recreational activities. Among the most popular activities are Quad-biking, Go-carting, shooting, and many more. 

Weston Lodge Shooting Ground
Source: Weston Lodge Shooting Ground

The Weston Lodge Shooting Ground is a fun place to go, so the brochure design consists of colorful themes and interesting pictures of children and adults having fun and enjoying themselves.

15. G&A Maintenance

G&A Maintenance is a company that focuses on landscaping and gardening solutions. It is a well-established company with a brand name to consider. The theme used in the web design brochure is mainly green due to its relevance to nature and the plantation. The pictures involve well-maintained gardens and beautiful plants growing in an array.

G&A Maintenance
Source: G&A Maintenance

The text in the web services brochure template consists of their success story of how they expanded their business to a bigger level and the contact information for anyone interested in their services.

What Makes a Good Brochure Design?

A brochure website is a great marketing tool for businesses that want to bring attention to their brand or a product or service in particular. Most brochure websites are one to five pages long and contain various images, audio, and videos. 

You can use this marketing tool to promote and display products and services from your brand. Have a look at our best pick to create an amazing brochure site design of your own.

Key Takeaway 

A brochure website is a great marketing tool for businesses that want to bring attention to their brand or a product or service in particular. The quality of a brochure depends on:

  • Brochure format
  • Cover design
  • Color scheme
  • Font and boxes
  • Photos

Most brochure websites are one to five pages long and contain a variety of images, audio, and videos. 

You can use this marketing tool to promote and display products and services from your brand. Have a look at our best pick to create an amazing brochure site design of your own.

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