12 Best Web Development Agencies in Detroit

Detroit has long been known for its automotive industry, but the city's economy is evolving and growing in other sectors too. With the growth of technology, there's a growing demand for web developers in Detroit. In this article, we'll review the twelve best web development agencies in Detroit, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.



ROSSETTI’s story unfolds over a 50-year, multi-disciplinary practice focused on architectural design, urban planning, interiors, and graphics. We believe in amplifying experiences and generating value for every project. We accomplish this by evoking human senses and offering unique ways for people to connect while strategically addressing the vision and business goals of our clients.

Skidmore Studio

#2-Skidmore Studio

Skidmore is a strategic creative studio (like an agency, but more agile and specialized) that helps organizations grow through expert branding and design. Our team of writers, strategists, and designers knows how to craft brands that get today’s consumers excited about products on shelves, online, and in their everyday lives.

Cemah Creative

#3-Cemah Creative

We create impactful digital marketing solutions for small business. Starting with a website tailored to your specific industry, we provide a platform to target potential customers and turn them into life-long customers. Let us create your business’s most valuable marketing asset.

Douglas Marketing Group

#4-Douglas Marketing Group

Creating a company that sees the big picture is no different today than it was in 1991. Douglas Marketing Group was created with the desire to build a firm that married the strength and sense of the business world with the flare of creative passion. This became a mandate for the company, fueled by Kay Douglas’ determination to disprove the idea that mixing art and advertising would not work.

#5-Detroit Labs

Developing apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android and connected devices is what we do. All we do. But we aren't a typical software development company. We are entrepreneurs and leaders; dreamers and doers; left-brain and right-brain thinkers. Yes, we live and breathe technology, but most importantly, we are innovators.

Campbell Ewald

#6-Campbell Ewald

Campbell Ewald is a full service, fully integrated marketing communications agency with offices in Detroit, Los Angeles and New York. Our mission is to create fans of brands and endorsers of products by igniting conversations and experiences that demonstrate how brands enhance consumers’ quality of life. We take pride in engaging consumers at every level of conversation. We turn consumers into advocates that carry your message across platforms.

Detroit Internet Marketing

#7-Detroit Internet Marketing

Better Service. Better Results. Take advantage of guaranteed SEO, proven website designs, powerful copy writing, and today's website optimization for faster download speeds. Now using AI technology and conversion-based campaigns for Google Ads. Amazon Ads, Bing Ads and Social PPC.

Net Profit Marketing

#8-Net Profit Marketing

Net Profit Marketing is a Sioux Falls and Detroit Web Design and Online Marketing company. You know small business owners are frustrated by a lack of online leads and disappointed with no measurable results from their marketing campaigns? We help them earn a high return on investment by employing marketing tactics that achieve measurable results. We design engaging websites and perform rigorous SEO, digital marketing, and ongoing site optimization to maximize leads and conversions.



VMLY&R is a global brand experience agency that harnesses creativity, technology, and culture to create connected brands. The agency is made up of nearly 7,000 employees worldwide with principal offices in Kansas City, New York, London, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney. VMLY&R works with client partners including Colgate-Palmolive, Danone, Dell, Ford, Office Depot, Pfizer and Wendy's.

Ralph Walker Designs, llc

#10-Ralph Walker Designs, llc

A strong website design can make or break your business in today’s virtual world. You need a masterfully crafted site to draw your customers in without sacrificing your bottom line. With more than 8 years of industry experience, the Detroit web design team at Ralph Walker Designs focuses on generating exceptional web marketing and branding solutions for any business at an affordable price.

Social Driver

#11-Social Driver

Social Driver is a leading digital agency with in-house expertise for using social media, digital strategy, content and video, websites, and brand design to have an impact for a brighter future. Headquartered in Washington DC, with teams in Kansas City, Chicago, Detroit, and Bellingham, WA, our culture is focused on partnership, creativity, stewardship, collaboration, and service. That’s why clients choose to experience digital with us.

Horn Group

#12-Horn Group

Horn Group has merged with Finn Partners to form a digital communications powerhouse. Finn Partners is a global group of strategists who deliver striking integrated communications programs for today's leading brands. Across sectors and media platforms, we proactively build the messaging, visuals and context that turn clients into archetypes in their respective fields.

Why New Businesses Need Support From Web Development Companies


For a new business, the first advertisement usually comes through the website. As part of a digital business setup, your website is more than just an electronic interface. It is becoming one of the first branding and marketing tools, especially for startups.


In terms of online marketing, your website is of prime importance. Clearly, website design and development is something you cannot afford to ignore when starting your business.


A good website defines how you bring customers down the funnel. It is important to come up with an attractive layout that can attract potential customers.

People need a few seconds to rate your website. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully integrate the visual elements, the interaction of graphics and text, as well as the usability of this platform.

Competitors may gain an advantage over your product if you fail to create an attractive website. You will likely lose good leads as visitors move to other websites.

This is where you need professional web developers who can work closely with your in-house team. They play an important role in how potential customers perceive your brand.


Types of web development you should know for your project


There are many types of web development and each has its own advantages. We will cover three main types for you

1. Front-End Web Development

Front-end web development, also known as client-side development, is the practice of creating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a website or web application so that the user can see and interact with it directly. The tools and techniques used to create a website interface are constantly changing, so a developer needs to keep abreast of how the field is evolving.


The goal of site design is to make sure that when users access the site, they see information in an easy-to-read format and up-to-date. 

Nowadays, users use a wide variety of devices with different screen sizes and resolutions, which forces the designer to take these aspects into account when developing a site. They need to make sure that their site displays correctly in different browsers (cross-browser compatibility), different operating systems (cross-platform compatibility), and on different devices (cross-device compatibility), which requires careful planning on the part of the developer.


2. Back-End Web Development

Backend development is also known as server-side web development. The responsibilities of backend developers are to write the code and create the logical parts of the entire website. It mainly focuses on internal logic, databases, servers and APIs.


In a web project, the logic part relies on the backend, you may not see the technology used to develop the website. However, backend web development is an important part of a website.


3. Full-Stack Web Development

Full web development means front-end and back-end development. A full-fledged web developer should know basic web design, web development, database and website debugging.


A full-fledged developer has experience developing client-side and server-side web applications, and should have database management skills. Full-fledged web developers are well-versed in redesigning, building and speeding up the entire design and development phase of a website.


Improve Your Business With Website Developers


Website developers have a large collection of resources to help businesses achieve their goals. During the creation of the site, business analysts, developers and other specialists are united. In order to meet each stage of web development, the composition of this team must change.


This helps limit costs and sharpen focus. From improving user experience to creating visually appealing user interfaces, professionals take care of all the necessary aspects.

It helps brands deliver a holistic ad to their potential customers. The team monitors the implementation of the website creation project throughout its duration.

Besides, people value time above all else. Web developers can help you retain existing customers while attracting new ones with an eye-catching website.


What Are The Web Development Pricing Factors?


1. Human resources

The number of people involved in the project will have a huge impact on the cost of the project. You will need to hire a development team, the size of which depends on how complex the project is and how experienced the people are.


Your team’s work environment will also affect their productivity. A good working relationship with each other will help them become more effective.

Ensure that each team member is qualified and has the necessary skills to perform their duties.


2. Complexity and Size of The Project

The complexity of the software is also a factor that will affect the cost of the project. Developing a complex program can be very difficult because of the number of steps and calculations that are required.

The size of the software you are developing will also be affected by the number of pages you create. Too many pages will increase the cost of the project.


3. Software Functionality

One of the most important factors that will affect the cost of a software project is the functionality of the program. Too many functions will increase the cost of development. Building and testing large numbers of applications can also take longer.


4. UX/UI Design


The cost of individual design depends on the specifics and scope of the project. Having a well-designed and attractive user interface is essential to a successful software development project. The right mix of animations, visuals, and unique navigation elements will keep your users coming back.


How to choose the right web development company for your project


When choosing a web development company, it’s important to take into account a few factors. 

  • First, you’ll need to decide what type of web development you need: desktop or mobile app development, social media optimization, or e-commerce development. 
  • Second, you’ll need to decide on your budget. 
  • Third, you’ll need to decide on the technologies that you want your project to use. 
  • Fourth, you’ll need to decide on the level of expertise that you want your web development company to have. 
  • Fifth, and finally, you’ll need to decide on the time frame for your project.

Once you’ve determined all of these factors, it’s time to choose a web development company. There are a few things to look for when evaluating a web development company: their track record, their pricing structure, their team size and experience, and their customer service. With so many great options available today, there’s no reason not to find the perfect team of developers for your next project!

Common web development tasks

There are a number of common web development tasks that any company can take on. These include creating a website’s layout, writing code to make the website work, and creating graphics or images for the website.

Most companies also offer custom web development services. This means that they will create a website specifically for your business or organization. They will also take care of all the marketing materials necessary to promote your website.

If you’re looking for a company to help you with your web development project, consider contacting one of the best web development companies in Detroit. They’ll be able to provide you with the resources you need to get your website up and running quickly and efficiently.




Web development is an ever-growing industry, and with that growth comes a wide variety of agencies that can handle your project. In this article, We’ve chosen 12 of the best web development companies in Detroit, based on a number of factors including experience, portfolio quality, customer satisfaction ratings and more. So if you’re looking for a reliable agency to take on your next project, be sure to check out some of these top choices!