Best 19 Branding Agencies in Austin

When it comes to finding the right design agency for your project, it can be hard to decide where to start. Here we've put together a list of the best 19 design agencies in Austin that you can rely on for quality work.



DIGITECH is an award-winning SEO agency that delivers superior results to a limited number of clients. We have formulated an exclusive SEO process based on nearly a decade of research that gives us a powerful edge over other SEO’s. Our proven, high powered SEO methodologies across traditional organic, GMB map listings, and mobile has positioned DIGITECH as a thought leader in the industry. We leverage our relationships with thousands of publishers on high domain authority websites to secure powerful backlinks for our clients that help them generate new businesses. Client's can expect hundreds, and sometimes thousands of new leads and customers per month, depending on the niche.

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#2-Alex Wright Web Design and SEO

Alex Wright Web Design and SEO is an Austin based web design, SEO and digital marketing agency. Since 2013 we have provided small and medium sized businesses with effective, affordable and cutting edge web design and marketing services. We offer custom web design, managed web hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing including Instagram marketing and local SEO services. We are more affordable and more personalized than bigger agencies. Let's work together!

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#3-Austin Web and Design

At Austin Web and Design, our goal is to make great design available to all. Many website design companies are founded by people who are passionate about design or passionate about programming. We're first and foremost passionate about value. Followed closely by design. Then programming. Well, programming is a necessary evil and is going to make us all bald prematurely, even the girls. But as you can see from our work, we're not half bad at it.

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#4-Lucid Crew Web Design

Lucid Crew is a full-service Austin web design, search engine optimization and development company. We’ve been in business since 1999 – long enough to see dozens of other internet marketing companies rise and fall. Why have we continued to thrive? Maybe it’s our good looks, natural charisma, and great dental hygiene.

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#5-Envision Creative

Envision Creative is an Austin-based branding, marketing, and advertising agency that was started from the premise of creating a “different” kind of agency based entirely from the client-perspective. Using this client-first approach, we have become an expert in repositioning brands in crowded markets to rise above the noise and increase their market share.

Over the past 19-years, we have helped hundreds of local, regional, and international companies create and expand their vision with marketing initiatives founded on solid research & strategy. We’re driven by the satisfaction that comes with creating real results that make a difference for our clients.

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For over 12 years we’ve been creating digital strategies that meet our clients’ business objectives. Our work aligns big ideas to bottom lines and creative problem solving to client goals. We call it a digital partnership because the work we do isn’t about us — it’s about a shared vision. Where we only succeed if you do.


We create deeply connected brands, services and products that enable powerful relationships between businesses and people. From research and strategy to design and implementation, clients like FedEx, Audi, Nickelodeon, AMC, Facebook and Keller Williams trust us with the ongoing transformation of their brands and businesses.

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Metia is a global marketing agency with offices in London, Seattle, Austin and Singapore. We provide highly integrated marketing programs that help global brands and high-growth businesses outperform the marketplace, through a unique mix of marketing consulting, design and development expertise. Our services include:

  • Strategy
  • Data-driven insights
  • Content marketing
  • CRM
  • Paid media and demand generation
  • Marketing automation
  • Email
  • Social
  • Design
  • UX
  • Web and app design and development
  • Analytics
  • Community management
  • PR



WEBii provides high quality website services with ample years of experience, for small to mid sized businesses and non profits. SEO, web design, custom web development, web hosting and more.

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#10-Four Kitchens

Four Kitchens is a results-driven digital agency that creates impactful content experiences, websites, design systems, and apps for forward-thinking teams. Are you next?

We specialize in digital content experiences for media, higher education, corporations, and professional associations. Our client partners range from NBC to Public Radio International, and New York University to South Dakota State University.

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#11-Lion’s Share Digital

Lion's Share Digital is a full-service digital media and web agency based out of Austin, Texas. We provide modern solutions that meet client's goals and budget. We thrive on creating high-profile websites, branding identities, and design for print and web.

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The design champions for product teams. Funsize is digital service and product design agency that works with inspiring design and engineering teams to uncover opportunities, evolve popular products, bring new businesses to market, and prepare for the future. Funsize exists to produce industry-defining, high-impact work. We're a constantly evolving relationship-first company aggressively committed to client and employee experience. The agency model is dead. Meet Funsize.

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JS-Interactive is a team of independent consultants who leverage digital media platforms to help businesses improve search visibility, better engage customers, increase conversions, and as a result – drive sales. Our core services include: web design, logo design & corporate identity, digital marketing, content marketing and professional SEO services.

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#14-Direct Line Development

Direct Line Development is a custom web designer and developer located in Philadelphia, PA; Denver, CO and Austin, TX focused on the user experience. We specialize in organic Search Engine Optimization, and are dedicated to converting a site visitor to an engaged customer.

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#15-Mighty Citizen

Mighty Citizen transforms mission-driven organizations through branding, marketing, and digital communications. We help nonprofits, associations, universities, and governments increase their impact and revenue by creating deeper connections with their audiences. We marry data with human-centered design to craft brands, build websites, and launch marketing campaigns that improve the world.   Located in Austin, Texas and Washington, D.C.

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#16-HMG Creative

HMG Creative is a full-service digital agency that boosts the marketing efforts of growing brands with creative services in branding, web design and development, and marketing. As a collaborative partner, we deliver creative expertise and unmatched reliability to empower your next business evolution.

We are a boutique, Austin-based team with roots in San Diego and clients across the nation. Our crew consists of passionate strategists, top-of-the-line developers and forward-thinking designers whose approach is propelled by innovation and shaped by industry trends. Most of all, we’re your team’s creative experts – an extension of your brand here to navigate you through every step on your journey to success.

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#17-Fahrenheit Marketing

Fahrenheit Marketing is a company focusing on business growth through effective design, development and marketing of award winning web properties. The agency's portfolio includes publicly traded, international accounts including RJ Reynolds, Citgo Oil & Gas, Sanford Health Systems, Barbara Bush Foundation, NFPA, TransCore International, Transcore Link Logistics and more, as well as well established local brands serving business to business and business to consumers verticals.

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GoMage is a pioneer in the world of Magento. Over the course of 11 years, we have completed 1,000 projects, developed 15 premium extensions and become an Adobe Solution Partner. But we pride ourselves most in having satisfied clients who continue to work with us even after 5-8 years of relationship.

Our team of Magento Certified Developers build websites from scratch, optimize them for better performance and provide long-term support services.

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GLIDE was founded in 2002 in the scenic Hill Country of Austin, Texas. It feels like a lot has changed since then, but our company values remain the same. Glide promises to create best-in-class web designs, provide obsessive support, and deliver finished goods that equate to quantifiable bottom-line growth for clients. We help businesses of all types and sizes grow by providing results-based web design in Austin.

Why Choose a Design Agency?

There are many reasons why people choose to work with a design agency. First of all, agencies have a wealth of experience in designing and creating unique and innovative solutions. They also have the ability to take your project from concept to completion quickly and efficiently.

Agencies also have a deep understanding of the design market. This means that they can recommend the right design solutions for your project without having to second-guess yourself. In addition, agencies offer a wide range of services, including branding, website design, and marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking for an experienced team that can help you achieve your design goals, then a design agency is the perfect choice.

 The Different Types of Web Design Agencies

There are many types of web design agencies and each has its own specialty.

The following are the most common types of web design agencies:

1. Graphic Design Agencies 

These agencies specialize in creating beautiful, high-quality graphics for websites. They may also do some basic coding or programming, but the bulk of their work is in visual design.

2. Web Development Agencies

 These agencies specialize in developing websites from scratch, from the ground up. They may have a team of programmers and designers who work together to create a complete website, or they may just focus on creating the front-end (the part you see when you visit a website).

3. SEO Agencies

 These agencies help your website rank higher in search engines (meaning more people will find it). They often work with web developers and graphic designers to create a well-rounded website that looks great and functions properly on all devices (smartphones, tablets, computers).

4. Social Media Management Agencies

 These agencies help you create and manage your website’s social media presence (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). They often have experts who can help you set up and optimize your accounts for the best results.

No matter what type of web design agency you choose, be sure to consult with several different ones before making a decision. You’ll get a better idea of what’s available and which agency is best suited to your specific needs.

Which Type of Web Design is Right for You?

If you’re new to web design, or if you’re unsure which type of design is best for your business, it can be tough to decide. There are a lot of options out there, and it can be hard to know which one is the right fit. Here are three different types of web designs and their respective benefits:

Static Web Design

 This type of design perfectly suits small businesses or organizations that don’t need a lot of website functionality. Static websites look nice and clean, and they’re easy to update. However, they may not be as user-friendly as other types of designs.

Dynamic Web Design

 This type of design is perfect for businesses that need more functionality than a static website can provide. Dynamic websites allow users to interact with the site by making requests (like filling out a form). This means that they’ll need more bandwidth and storage space than a static website, but they also tend to be more user-friendly.

Custom Web Design

 If you have specific requirements that aren’t met by any of the other two types of designs, custom web design might be the solution for you. A custom web design is completely tailored to your specific needs, so you’ll be sure to get the exact design that you desire. However, this type of design can be expensive, and it may take more time to complete than other types of designs.

Ultimately, the best type of web design for your business depends on your specific needs. If you just need a clean and appealing website, static web design is probably the best option. If you need more functionality than a static website can offer, dynamic web design is the way to go. And if you need a completely custom design, custom web design is the only option.

The Design Process

When it comes to creating a design, there are a number of different steps that must be followed. Designers typically start by coming up with an idea for the product or service they wish to create. After this, they will need to develop a design concept which will show how the product or service will look and function.

Once the design concept is finalized, the next step is to create a mock-up of the product or service. This helps to test out different ideas and make sure everything looks as planned before finally developing a full-scale version of the product or service.

General Principles of Web Design

A website’s design is key in converting potential customers into paying customers. It’s essential to have a well-thought-out and cohesive design that not only looks good but is also easy to use and navigate. In this article, we’ll cover some of the principles of great web design, so you can create a website that both looks and performs flawlessly. As a result, the principles of good web design are constantly shifting and evolving. This article provides an overview of the most important principles of good web design, with a focus on usability and accessibility.


One of the most important principles of good web design is usability. Websites must be easy to use for both users who are new to the website and experienced users. Poor usability can lead to frustrated users, lost traffic, and even abandonment of a website altogether.

Poor usability can be caused by poorly designed pages or interfaces, confusing layout, difficult navigation, and outdated technology. To ensure that your website is easy to use, consider using clear and concise text, simple layout structures, easy-to-navigate menus and pages, and effective user feedback mechanisms.


Another key principle of good web design is accessibility. Websites must be accessible to as many people as possible – regardless of their disability or ability level. In order to be accessible, websites must comply with WCAG 2.0 guidelines (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0).

WCAG 2.0 is a set of standards that help make websites accessible to people with disabilities. These standards cover a variety of topics, including:

Designing for Persons with Disabilities: This section covers the basics of designing websites that are accessible to people with disabilities. Among other things, it discusses how to create user interfaces that are easily navigable and understandable by everyone, regardless of their disability.

Creating an Accessible Web Site: This section covers how to make your website compliant with WCAG 2.0 guidelines. Topics covered include creating accessible markup and using accessible technologies such as JavaScript and CSS.

Ensuring Responsiveness and Performance: Websites must be responsive in order to be usable and accessible. This means that they should automatically adjust to different screen sizes and devices, without any user intervention required. Additionally, responsive design helps avoid slowdowns and page delays due to large file sizes or complex designs.


One of the most important principles of good web design is aesthetics. Websites must look good, regardless of the browser or device used to access them. In addition to being visually appealing, good web design is also user-friendly and easy to understand.

To achieve an aesthetic design, consider using well-chosen colors, typography, and layout techniques. Additionally, make sure all user feedback mechanisms are effective and user-friendly. Finally, use cross-browser compatibility testing to ensure that your website looks good in all popular browsers.


Web navigation is one of the most important aspects of good web design. Poor navigation can lead to difficult and time-consuming online tasks, as well as frustration among users.

To ensure easy navigation, use clear and concise text labeling buttons and links, intuitive layout structures, and well-designed menus and pages. Additionally, make sure all user feedback mechanisms are effective and easily accessible. Finally, test your website’s navigation in different browsers to ensure that it looks and works correctly across all devices.

Content and Structure

Another key principle of good web design is content and structure. Websites must contain relevant and useful information, as well as easy-to-navigate menus and pages.

To ensure that your website is full of valuable information, make sure that your content is well written and organized. Additionally, use effective user feedback mechanisms to ensure that users understand how to navigate your website. Finally, test your website’s content in different browsers to ensure that it looks and works correctly across all devices.


It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to finding the right design agency for your business. That’s why I’ve put together this list of 19 top design agencies in Austin that specialize in everything from branding and website design, to social media marketing and app development. Whether you are starting from scratch or just want to tweak a few things on your current website, these talented professionals will help you get there faster than you ever thought possible.