Facebook Blueprint Certification – the Ultimate Guide in 2022

Facebook is becoming a more prevalent part of most people’s life. At it’s core, Facebook is a platform intended for connecting with other people and sharing what’s happening in your life.

Younger generations have shown no resistance to getting their families and friends all up in their business, so it isn’t uncommon for two or three different relationships between two people to play out across the same Facebook account.

That said, if you intend on using Facebook as a marketing tool for your company or brand – one of the key areas you want to keep an eye on (other than your page follows/likes) is the social media certification process!


Facebook Blueprint is a certification program that helps you learn how to effectively use Facebook products and tools for your business.

The program is divided into three levels:

  • Certified Planning Professional
  • Certified Buying Professional
  • Certified Reporting Professional.

Each level has its own course and exam. To become certified at each level, you must pass the corresponding exam.

The Certified Planning Professional course covers topics such as creating effective campaigns, target audiences, and budgets. The Certified Buying Professional course covers topics such as campaign optimization and delivery. The Certified Reporting Professional course covers topics such as data interpretation and insights.

To become a Facebook Blueprint certified professional, you must first complete the program’s three levels. After you have completed all three levels, you will be eligible to take the Facebook Blueprint Certification Exam. This exam tests your knowledge of Facebook products and tools and how to use them effectively for your business. Once you pass the exam, you will be officially certified as a Facebook Blueprint professional.

If you are interested in learning how to effectively use Facebook products and tools for your business, then consider pursuing Facebook Blueprint certification.

In order to be successful on Facebook, businesses need to understand how the site works and how it can be used to achieve their marketing goals. The Facebook Blueprint certification program provides businesses with the knowledge they need to effectively use Facebook tools to reach their target audiences.

What does Facebook Blueprint Certification 2022 entail?

Facebook Blueprint Certification is a program that helps businesses learn how to effectively use Facebook products, tools, and best practices.

What is the Facebook Certification?

The Facebook Certification is a program that allows individuals to become certified in using Facebook products. The certification is divided into two parts: the Facebook Certified Planning Professional (FCPP) and the Facebook Certified Buying Professional (FCBP).

The FCPP certification is designed for individuals who want to become certified in using Facebook products for planning purposes. The FCBP certification is designed for individuals who want to become certified in using Facebook products for buying purposes.

Who is it designed for?

Facebook Blueprint Certification is designed for individuals and businesses who want to learn how to effectively use Facebook to achieve their marketing and business goals. The certification program covers a wide range of topics, including Facebook Ads, Pages, Messenger, and more.

Individuals who complete the certification program will receive a certificate from Facebook that they can share with potential employers or clients. Businesses that complete the certification program will be able to use the Facebook Blueprint logo on their website and marketing materials.

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How can you get your certification?

If you want to get your Facebook Blueprint Certification, there are a few things you need to do. 

First, you need to pass the Facebook Certified Planning Professional and Facebook Certified Buying Professional exams. These exams test your knowledge of Facebook’s advertising platform and how to use it effectively. Once you’ve passed these exams, you’ll be able to add the Facebook Blueprint Certification logo to your profile and website. This logo shows potential clients that you’re a certified expert in Facebook advertising.

The certification process consists of two parts: 

First, candidates must pass an online exam that covers a range of topics such as how to create effective campaigns, targeting options, and ad delivery. 

Once the online exam is completed, candidates must then complete a series of hands-on projects that put their knowledge to the test. These projects are designed to help businesses achieve real-world objectives such as increasing leads or sales. 

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The Facebook Blueprint Certification program is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest changes to Facebook products and features. As such, the certification is only valid for a year. Candidates who wish to maintain their certification must retake the online exam and complete new projects every 12 months. 

The Facebook Blueprint Certification is an excellent way for businesses to show their commitment to using Facebook products effectively. The certification can also help businesses stand out from the competition and attract new customers.

 The benefits of the accreditation?

There are many benefits to being a certified Facebook Blueprint professional.

First, you’ll have access to exclusive resources that will help you stay up-to-date on the latest changes to Facebook’s advertising platform. You’ll also be able to network with other certified professionals and connect with potential clients who are looking for experts in Facebook advertising.

Facebook Certification also allows you to boost your visibility on social media! Facebook gives certified advertisers and businesses a badge that you can show on your Facebook/LinkedIn profile. For example, you can how the badge anywhere – be it professional websites, online resumes, or email signatures. It serves to provide proof of your knowledge and expertise and reflects that you know what you are talking about! In short, the badge acts as a means of recognition for you.

Finally, your certification can help you stand out from the competition and show potential employers that you have the skills and knowledge they’re looking for.

Regarding the cost of certification

Is Facebook Certification free? Of course not! Each exam costs $150 US and certifies you for one year.

Protecting my Account from a Scam or Hack

If you are concerned about your account being hacked or scammed, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself.

First, make sure that your password is strong and unique. Don’t use the same password for all of your accounts, and don’t share your passwords with anyone.

Second, enable two-factor authentication on your account. This will help to prevent someone from accessing your account even if they know your password.

Finally, be aware of the signs of a scam or hack, such as unexpected friend requests, messages from people you don’t know, or strange activity on your account. If you see anything suspicious, report it to Facebook and change your password immediately.

The core exams include Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate, Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional, Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional, Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional, Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional, Facebook Certified Marketing Developer

After you successfully passed Facebook Certified Marketing Developer you can get certification to Facebook Certified Advanced Marketing Developer and Facebook Certified Advertising API Developer. And the final exam that Facebook offers is the Facebook Certified Community Manager.

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We hope this guide has helped you understand everything you need to know about Facebook Blueprint Certification and how it can benefit your business. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to share it with your friends and colleagues who might be interested in becoming certified on Facebook. And if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer them!

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