NSI Partners

NSI Partners helps organizations leverage marketing technology to deliver their messages to precisely targeted audiences. We specialize in online marketing strategy, including search, social, email and mobile marketing as well as reputation management. NSI also provides NSI Connect, a suite of tools that helps clients connect to their employees, customers and data in unique and cost-effective ways. Its most famous NSI Connect product is ReputationConnect, a top social-media listening platform. Founded when search and email marketing--and the Internet itself--were at their very beginnings, NSI took an approach to technology starkly different from that of its peers. The firm immediately sought out and, in some case, designed the most compelling Best Practices to connect technology to bottom-line income and sound business practices. In so doing, NSI not only avoided the fate that befell so many startups of the dotcom era, but prospered despite two recessions, nascent branding and a tiny marketing budget. Over its ten years, however, NSI has become a recognized leader in its industry. 

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$100 - $149