ocreative Milwaukee


We take a client-centered approach to our award-winning work. We walk alongside our clients to understand their vision and work with our entire team to create beautiful, functional, and innovative design and strategy. At Ocreative, we believe in the validity of the work our clients have already built and relentlessly pursue a successful and creative path forward.

nothern ground

#2-Northern Ground

Northern Ground is a digital studio in Milwaukee with experience & pluck. As our name implies, our story is one of pragmatism & risk, big ideas & small details, world-class UI & rustbelt craft. In 2012 our shop was founded on the premise that a small, experienced team can produce results others cannot. No gaps, no telephone game, no 30 person meetings. Unlike others, we won't tell you how different and special we are, but we will tell you some things that we're not. We aren't an ad agency or a think tank. We aren't 'imagineers'​ or makers. We aren't interested in taking over the world. We don't have a company-mandated rally cry. We are a close-knit group that uses code and design to help our clients solve complex business problems. We stay close to the work putting business goals, fresh user experiences, and innovation first. After our clients have worked with firms that force them to compromise, they often seek higher ground, Northern Ground.

#3-Rockstar Design

Rockstar Design is an unparalleled web and print creative design firm with over 17 years of experience working with businesses ranging from real estate and financial to manufacturing and hospitality. We’re dedicated to making businesses more successful. There is no one size fits all approach to our design. Each project is tailored to your exact needs, with an eye on the originality and impact of each design.

#4-First Station Media

First Station Media is a full-service multimedia firm specializing in a wide array of marketing and branding services. From website and print design to social media management, our firm combines traditional design values with modern design techniques to ensure your product or service stands out from the competition. Our innovative marketing solutions and designs bring creativity and efficiency to your marketing strategy resulting in a brand that boosts sales and drives engagement.

envy creative Milwaukee

#5-Envy Creative MKE

Envy Creative provides branding, advertising, and design solutions for a wide variety of businesses. Envy has delivered beautiful work to businesses. We work with businesses both small and large, established and start-up. From identity and web design to complete advertising strategies, Envy Creative can help your company achieve and exceed its goals.

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We’ll discover, define and direct your marketing strategies and brand communications to create audience connections across digital, print, and environmental media.

Foresite Milwaukee

#7-Foresite Group, LLC

Foresite Group is an independent digital agency brewing ideas and crafting solutions. We're not a cookie cutter firm, so we won't provide cookie cutter solutions. We recognize that every business has their own needs within their respected industries. As a team, we take the time to listen, understand the area of expertise, guide and work directly with our clients through a process unique to their story.

keystone click Milwaukee

#8-Keystone Click

Keystone Click is a digital marketing agency, providing online tools and resources to help your business grow. We're a sales-driven digital marketing agency focused on increasing your bottom line ROI. As a digital marketing agency, our goal is to generate more leads through digital marketing activities; but not just any leads. We are driven to provide you with targeted leads as well as the necessary tools and information that will convert those leads into actual customers.

lime glow design Milwaukee

#9-LimeGlow Design

LimeGlow Design is a Milwaukee-area creative marketing agency offering affordable, high-quality website design, digital marketing, and graphic design services. We love to help small businesses, non-profits and other organizations grow by offering creative solutions that fit within their budgets. We’re also committed to providing each client with a great experience and having some fun along the way. It may be work, but it can still be fun, right?

rytech Milwaukee

#10-RyTech, LLC

Founded in 2012, RyTech was established by Steve Ryan to fill an unmet need in an expanding digital market. Businesses have a difficult time keeping up with the changing digital landscape, especially when it isn’t one person’s primary responsibility. RyTech became an immediate solution to the needs of our original clients who are still partnering with us today.