Top 20 Web Design Memes for Designers

Ever worked on creating designs daily?

It may sound like an easy job, but it has high and low days. The job of a creative designer is quite tough and requires a lot of ideas to build creative designs on. While most people assume that these designers sit on their system and work on creating cute content, it takes a lot of effort to create web design memes to laugh at. 

Designing makes you laugh and cry out of frustration, and you have to deal with on and off creative blocks as well, at the cost of ultimately making people laugh. And this is all the more reason why every designer should enjoy good web design memes content every once in a while to have a good time.So in this article, we’re going to discuss the top 20 web design memes for designers. Let’s start!

Top Web Design Memes to Make You Laugh

Creating a winning web design meme is not easy. It may be a hit, but the audience might not receive it the same way as you assume they would. Not all web designer memes are made to make you laugh openly, and some web memes may create awkward situations for the viewer and the creator. 

Following are some of the best examples of web design memes. 

  • Hourly Rates for Web Designs 

Designing is more of a creative process; in most cases, it takes hours to complete a perfect design or web memes. In the web designer meme shown above, you can see how the charges per hour vary according to the client’s involvement. If the client wants to micromanage and keep an eye on the designer through every step of the way and offer recommendations on how it should be done, the charges keep increasing per hour, as they should be.

web design memes
Source: Facebook

If a client reaches out to a designer to create funny web design, it’s important to understand to give the latter creative space. 

As a creator, many of us have been in a dreaded situation with our clients overlooking our entire creative process. The first and foremost thing to do is to set healthy boundaries with the clients and draw the line where the client understands that they don’t need to be part of the process every step of the way. In the long run, the client respects your boundaries, leaves you to do your magic, and waits patiently for the final results. 

  • Keep the design “Above the Fold.”

Have you ever shown your client an email design mockup or a landing page version? The pain is real when they use the phrases like “above the fold” or “make sure they don’t miss on it. These requests are commonly heard by the designer and are perfectly depicted in the funny web design meme below, where the two men are seen crying about losing their head or legs but want to keep both in the frame simultaneously. It is always a tug of war with the client, trying to make them understand that you as a designer know what the audience wants to see and read. The constant state of confusion is relatable to most web designers. Therefore, it made it to our collection of funny web design memes.

web design memes
  • Fixing the work we didn’t do

Keep getting designs to “fix”? Sadly, it’s a common thing for clients to come up to you with web designs to fix, which you didn’t create in the first place. The funny web design memes below depict what the client says to you, bringing you that design. Their reason as to why they want to hire you now is to fix the design because they couldn’t afford to hire you for your services previously. 

As a result, they ultimately end up paying for two designers. Instead of going for a low-cost, cheaper option, it’s best to go for premium quality work in the first go to get your desired work done. This image is one of the hilariously relatable memes about web design. 

web design memes
Source: On the Tools
  • “Something is missing”

“Something is missing.” 

How often do you get to hear this as a web designer?

And how hard is it to hold a straight face when you hear your client say these three words? This puppy is an accurate representation of how you feel at that moment which makes it one of the funniest memes about web design.

web design memes

But how do you avoid being in such a situation in the first place? 

Don’t jump on and be defensive about your work, but let the client elaborate on what they mean and ask them follow-up questions to understand what seems to be missing. This can help you see the design from a different perspective and lens. Most importantly, ask questions before you start working on the web design. This can save you from such statements; you have clarity on what the client needs and understand what you will provide. These funny web design memes accurately depict how one feels when you hear a client say, “Something is missing.”

  • Imagine a world where all sites are responsive.

This still from the movie clearly shows how Woody’s worry and Buzz’s expression of awe and wonder gel together and show what drives the web design meme home.

web design memes

Designing a responsive website and keeping it up with everyday updates is the ultimate goal of every designer. You have to make updates and changes where necessary continuously.  It’s also important to check the mobile and desktop views of the website and ensure that everything is placed properly and all the CTA buttons are prominent enough for the users. Both views are important for the client and must be considered while finalizing anything. The constant struggle to meet clients’ expectations makes it one of the funniest web design memes Reddit. 

  • I want it done by tomorrow or ASAP

Don’t you just laugh but cry internally like the men in the web design memes Reddit when the client sends you to work with the details of its requirements and tells you to get it done by tomorrow? 

How do you handle such situations and such unrealistic expectations of clients? You can’t rush your work on unrealistic timelines unless you are okay with submitting mediocre work to the client.

web design memes

If they want the work done ASAP, inform them of extra charges and provide them with a realistic timeline that works for the client and you. The timeline and charges should be reasonable enough for the client to agree and not too expensive for you to lose a client. Make sure you don’t rush it and work under stress only to meet the timelines, just like these web design jokes. 

  • One does not simply never update a website

It’s common practice to upgrade website design now and then; these updates are important for the client and web designer to keep track of. It is the best decision to create a design and update it from time to time. You don’t want an outdated website to rank low in the SERP as it affects SEO and the overall visibility of the website as well. Constant updates and changes help rank the website higher on the search engine.

web design memes

Have a list of old clients you’ve worked with on web designs? If you do, you will relate to these web design jokes. 

Reach out to them and see if you can help them make changes where needed. You might find new client leads through them; in some cases, your old clients may be looking to launch an eCommerce business where you can work with them again. 

If you have had good working experience with any of your clients, make sure you reach out to them from time to time and see how you can support them in updates and upgrades. Old clients are easier to work with in most cases than finding newer clients.

  • A website is never “Done.”

As a web designer, completing a project always brings pure joy, but is your job done once you’ve designed a website? 

Well, not really. 

Once the design goes for print, there is nothing left to do, and you can’t make any changes either. It is quite easy to edit and revise your work when it comes to web designing or designing screens in general.

web design memes

Making changes on the backend is easy if you want to edit, change or update any information on the webpage. Sometimes, these changes are minor, while other times, these changes can be as major as changing the entire web layout and design. It’s important for you, as a designer, to be flexible to the needs of the client and make sure you adjust yourself to their requirements.  

  • Run your backups first!

Always have a backup for everything you design! 

It’s the first rule of web designing. 

The meme generator is the true depiction of what happens when you update the plugins of your WordPress site. There is a 90% chance that the site will crash because you forgot to run backups first. Once it happens, it’s sure that you will remember to back up all your files for your client’s website. Once you have everything backed up, there is no chance that you’ll lose your site or for it to crash.

web design memes
  • Your website is impossible for me to read on my smartphone

Remember the original Willy Wonka meme? 

This meme generator fits perfectly for this statement. It’s so important to have a user-friendly website that is desktop and mobile fit. If the text is not visible enough or the CTA button is not prominent enough, then it’s of no use. 

web design memes

The content must be in the right font and along the ADA compliance guidelines. It may take a couple of revisions to get the right version and view for the site, but keep trying before you get it on your end and only then share it with your client. To avoid any ifs and buts post-work delivery, try to provide clarity in brief to the client to ensure they understand how this process works as well. If things don’t work out after the criteria and brief have been made, necessary adjustments.   

The constant struggle makes this meme one of the most relatable designer memes. 

  • 11. Just a few more changes….

I think this is the most dreaded phrase you can hear from your client out of all the revisions he wants. It always starts with “I love it” and is followed by a “but it needs a few more tweaks.” 

web design memes
Source: Deeper Designs

These are never minor tweaks, but major changes ultimately end in redesigning the entire website. In situations like these, you must ask the client questions to build on and explain what needs more tweaking. That’s what makes it one of the most relatable designer memes. 

What changes are needed? Why do you require these changes? This may impact the overall design and aesthetics. Do you still want me to go forward with it? Start with these questions and ultimately lead to more strategic questions so that you and the client come to a mutual understanding, and along the way, you can convince them that these changes are unnecessary.  

  • I’m not a free online tool

I’ve learned never to undercharge any of your clients because then they’ll want you to stick to that rate and not let you charge what you should. There are a lot of free tools and low-cost options if the client wants to pursue those because of a limited budget. With the free tools and low-paid version platforms, almost anyone can put together a website, but whether it works well and achieves the desired goals is another story. 

web design memes
Source: Pinterest

Sometimes, you and your client are not best suited together, and for situations like these, it’s best to give your input. This can leave a positive impression on the client, and they might ultimately come to you for their concerns in the future. 
If you are tired of being treated like that, lighten up your mood by visiting meme websites for a good laugh. 

  • Building a website doesn’t have to be painful

Are there only painful clients, or is it a painful experience to design a website? 

We’re kidding about the first, mostly. As mentioned before, setting boundaries while working with a client is important. You must set a clear process flow of things and have them on board. Moreover, any changes or revisions requiring additional charges should be communicated in the budget beforehand. But in communicating all this, ensure your client doesn’t run away and understands that you will create an amazing web design for them, bringing them customers. This is important if you want to keep coming back to you for any work in the future, as well as upgrades.

Turn to meme websites if you need a break from your work for a while. 

web design memes
Source: Zipmeme
  • Web designers, remove these pop-ups!

It makes us laugh at times, as designers, when requests like these come from the client. The angry face funny memes about website design never get old and explain this situation rather perfectly. 

For many, the understanding is limited when it comes to who designs the website and who is responsible for the marketing and advertisement part of it. Having said this, when the user blames web designers for adding pop-ups on the site, the client comes to us with the request to remove these. It’s a battle lost since it’s difficult to make the client understand how things work, but what can be done is that the user experience in terms of these pop-up ads can be made better.

web design memes
  • A few devices to test your site

Amongst the different web design memes, the struggle can be explained from this funny memes about website design, which is the true depiction of the struggles of the web designer. It is one of the design memes only web designers can relate to. Testing different site versions before you lock the final versions in different views is important. Make sure you test the different versions, and they look like you intend them to. 

The meme has a variety of phones from the early 2000s, which points towards the idea that different devices exist in the market, with different site viewing. It is important to make sure the view fits all these different screens.

web design memes
  •  If you have to explain it, it’s not that good

You shouldn’t have to explain your web design to anyone. It should be pretty self-explanatory and easy to understand and navigate, just like internet memes best web design. 

A user’s experience on the website determines if they’ll recommend it to others and, in most cases, come back as customers in the future. A user’s experience is often neglected, which leads to a bad user experience on the website towards the web design. In times like these, it is important to design a user-friendly site that provides a complete user experience to the customers.

web design memes
Source: Martin Leblanc

It is one of the harsh but quite relatable design memes only web designers understand. 

  • When the design mockup doesn’t “work.”

President Obama’s facial expressions represent how you feel when the client tells you that the design just isn’t working. He is the face of some of the most hilarious internet memes best web design.

As a designer, you initially share a mockup version in jpg format to help the client understand the web design, but it, in turn, confuses them even more. How to avoid this confusion, you ask? Go the extra mile and create a prototype to help them understand the plan better. Remember that this addition is an added task and can affect your overall project pricing.

web design memes
  • One day to design and code

This memes best web design internet is quite relatable if you have been creating web designs for a while. 

Sometimes the time to design and code the web design is not that much of a concern for you, but the testing part of the website takes up a major chunk of your time. The web design must lead to an ideal site experience for the visitors, or your time spent working on it goes to waste. This can be a bigger concern to you as a designer than other things. Make sure you work on creating an ideal website experience for your client and their customers.

web design memes
  • Time breakdown of modern web design

A pie helps us better understand the division of work, and this memes best web design internet is a true depiction of how web designers spend their time working. A major chunk of their time is spent making the design work on Internet Explorer, followed by making the overall layout work using CSS before giving in and going with tables. There is a small portion that they spend using all their swear words. Only a small chunk of their time is spent designing something. 

As a designer, this is common, no matter how professional you are or how much experience you have gained over the years. In the end, the breakdown is as shown above in the pie chart which makes it one of the funny internet memes best web. 

web design memes
Source: Roman Design
  • Keep calm and hire a web designer

The last funny internet memes best web related to web design is a classic “Keep Calm” meme. This is for you to share with the clients to remind them that they’ve hired you for your work and to relax and trust you and the process!

web design memes

Key Takeaway 

Whether freelancer or in-house, web designers have to deal with various frustrating situations in their careers. Unrealistic expectations, limited budget, time constraints, and overdue invoices are just a few of them. 

Every career path has highs and lows, so it’s better not to take their problems to heart. The best way to encounter them is to poke fun at these issues and avoid taking them seriously with web design memes. The above-discussed web design memes will bring a smile to your face and lighten up your situation. 

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