Best Free Ad Blocker To Use In 2022 [Complete Review]

If you’re looking for the best free ad blocker, then you’ve come to the right place. We all know how ads and pop-ups can be annoying, especially when they crowd your favorite website.

But, not anymore. Our guide is all you need- to make a selection from multiple ad blockers. You must be thinking, is it possible to get a free ad blocker? No worries, that is the purpose of this guide.  

Before we begin, let’s start with the definitions first. Now, let’s get down to business.

What Is An Ad Blocker?

An ad blocker is a software that blocks pop-up notifications and ads from displaying on a website. Thanks to this softwares, we can now have privacy, fast websites, and data protection. 

You can use an ad blocker on your desktop and mobile devices. Best free ad blocker are available for Chrome, Safari, Opera Mini, Windows Explorer, and Firefox.

However, if you’re using a WordPress website, you can install the ad blocker plugins

How Does An Ad Blocker Work?

The purpose of an ad blocker is quite simple. That is to block ads and pop-ups, resulting in viewer-friendly websites. Internet users use ad blocker softwares to prevent all forms of ads like – video ads, pop-ups ads, banners, and messages.

When you open your browser to access a website, the ad blocker checks whether the ad is in the allow or block list. 

In simpler terms, the ad block checks which ads should be displayed, and which one not.

Best free Ad Blockers To use.

At some point, we’ve all been victims of annoying ad pop-ups. However, the ad blocker makes it easy to manage such ads.

Let’s look at some of the best free ad blockers to use. Some of them have premium subscriptions for advanced users.

1. Adblock Plus

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Source: Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the most popular and best free ad blocker. It’s open-source software that is available for use on mobile and desktop devices. You can download Adblock Plus to use on your mobile phone.

You can use different browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. 

Why should you consider Adblock Plus?

  1. It improves your browsing experience. You can use your browser without worrying about pop-ups and banners ads. Hence, it increases the browser load time;
  2. It allows harmless ads to display. However, you can also disable this setting;
  3. The adblocker keeps your data safe. It blocks ads that can lead to malware infections and tracking;
  4. You can use the ad blocker on our mobile devices;
  5. It has a filter list that allows you to select what to display and what not to show;
  6. Users can customize their browsers by adding favorite websites to allowlist;
  7. The Adblocker for android saves you mobile data by blocking ads before they load on a website. 

2. AdAway

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Source: AdAway

AdAway is a free ad blocker for android. It’s open-source software. However, Android users cannot download it from the Play store. 

AdAway uses the host’s files to block ads. To use it on your android phone, you need to install a third-party app like F-droid

Why should you consider AdAway?

  1. For tech-savvy Android users, you’re free to customize the host file.
  2. You can customize the ad blocker. That is, make changes on what you want to appear or what not to display.
  3. It’s ideal for tech-savvy developers. 

3. AdLock

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Source: AdLock

AdLock is a Google Chrome ad blocker free extension that blocks ad pop-ups out of your browser. It’s also compatible with Edge, Safari, and Firefox. However, you can download it and use it as standalone software.

The ad blocker has a pricing plan for premium users. You can use the paid plan on 5 devices. 

Why should you consider AdLock?

  1. It’s available for Windows, macOS, Android, and IOS; 
  2. It protects your data by detecting spyware banner ads and blocking them;
  3. Blocks all ads to enhance your browser experience; 
  4. AdLock is multifunctional. It filters the HTTPS websites and speeds loading; 
  5. It saves you battery power and controls internet usage. 

4. AdGuard

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Source: AdGuard

Are you looking for a free ad blocker for iPhone? AdGuard is your solution. It is free to use on mobile and desktop devices. 

The open-source software has a paid plan for premium users. It blocks pop-ups, videos, and banner ads from showing on your browser. 

Why should you consider using it?

  1. AdGuard has advanced tracking protection to keep your data safe from online tracking and malware;
  2. Are you interested in using AdGuard on your computer? Its versatility makes it compatible with android, IOS, Mac, and Windows devices;
  3. Allows your parental control to protect your child from visiting adult sites; 
  4. By blocking ads, it saves you battery and data consumption;
  5. It increases the speed of your browser by blocking ads.

5. uBlock Origin

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Source: uBlock Origin

The benefit of using an open-source ad blocker is the ease of access to the source code. uBlock Origin is a content filtering ad blocker extension.

It is user-friendly and works on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera Mini, and Safari browsers. 

Why should you consider using uBlock Origin?

  1. UBlock Origin is efficient and user-friendly;
  2. Compatible with all Safari releases;
  3. It saves you energy consumption.

6. Fair AdBlocker

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Source: Fair AdBlocker

Chrome is a favorite browser for most users on Windows. It protects your privacy by blocking ads on your browser, including Facebook and Youtube

Why should you consider using Fair Ad Blocker?

  1. It gives you control to select which ads to display on your browser; 
  2. It is free to use; 
  3. Fair AdBlocker is versatile. You can use it on your browser and on platforms like Facebook and Youtube; 
  4. Blocks overlay ads, videos, and banner ads, resulting in a fast browser; 
  5. Fair AdBlocker improves your privacy from online tracking and malware. 

7. AdBlocker Ultimate

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Source: AdBlocker Ultimate

With the free ad blocker, you can download it to your computer or use it as an extension on your browser. Similar to other ad blockers, it protects you from annoying ads that can compromise your privacy. You can use it on your browser, IOS, and Android devices. 

Why should you consider using AdBlocker Ultimate

  1. It protects your data from online tracking;
  2. AdBlocker Ultimate protects you from phishing websites and domains; 
  3. Include ads from your favorite websites to display on your browser;
  4. It blocks all types of ads like banner ads, video commercials, and pop-ups; 
  5. It has a premium plan for advanced users. 

8. Poper Blocker

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Source: Poper Blocker

Ads can be annoying, especially when they slow down your website. Poper Blocker is another ads solution that improves your browsing experience. 

It blocks pop-up ads and pop-unders from displaying on your browser. The ad blocker allows you to block ads on the websites you visit. 

Why should you consider using it?

  1. It is a browser extension that works on Chrome;
  2. Poper Blocker gives you a smooth browsing experience;
  3. It sends a notification to alert Chrome users of a pop-up ad;
  4. Poper Blocker allows you to set the ads to display on your browser;
  5. It allows you access to block stats. 

9. Ghostery 

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Source: Ghostery

Ghostery is a popular chrome extension with over 2 million users and a star rating of 4.6 out of 5. The privacy extension blocks ads and improves the speed of your website.

Why should you consider using Ghostery?

  1. It gives you control over ads to display and what not to show; 
  2. Ghostery removes ads from a webpage resulting in a minimalistic feel;
  3. The software allows customization to display what’s relevant to you; 
  4. It has anti-tracking to protect your data. You can make changes to the default settings at any time; 
  5. The smart blocking feature allows you to block and unblock a tracker to enhance the speed of your website. 

Pros and Cons of Using an Ad Blocker

Individuals and businesses are using ads to drive traffic and convert prospects. The ads can sometimes be annoying and malicious. Most internet users are using ad blockers to block the ads. 

So, what are the drawbacks and benefits of blocking ads?


  1. The most common reason for blocking ads is to improve the speed of a website when browsing; 
  2. Blocking ads gives the user a minimalistic feel;
  3. Blocking mobile ads saves you battery usage;
  4. An ad blocker protects you from online tracking and malware such as ransomware activities. It, therefore, enhances the security and privacy of your data; 
  5. An ad blocker saves you from mobile data usage; 
  6. They give you control to allow and block ads based on the user’s preference;
  7. Most ad blockers are free and compatible with most devices. 


  1. Ad blocking reduces revenue for websites that make extra money from advertisers; 
  2. An ad blocker can block appropriate and relevant ads. You end up missing the necessary information. 

Ad Blocker Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of using an ad blocker is to block ads and pop-ups. Here are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions on ad blockers.

  1. Are there premium ad blockers?

Besides using a free ad blocker, you can also use a premium ad blocker. You can upgrade from a free to a paid plan – like AdLock. Premium ad blockers have access to advanced features. 

  1. What features does an ad blocker have?

Can you identify the features of an ad blocker so far? So, here are the most common ones:

  1. Control settings – a free ad blocker allows you to control what to show and what to block. For instance, instead of blocking all pop-up messages, video ads, and banner ads, you can allow specific ads from your favorite websites;  
  2. Versatility – besides the browser extension, you can also use an ad blocker on mobile devices;  
  3. Allow harmless ads – an ad blocker allows ads to display as set by the user. 

  1. Are ad blockers browser extensions?

Ad blockers can be standalone or extensions. By standalone, it means that you can download it on your PC while an extension is added to your browser. 

For example, you can download AdBlocker Ultimate to your PC or use the Adlock extension on your Chrome browser.

  1. Why is an Ad Blocker necessary?

Phishing and online tracking are on the rise. Most internet users are losing data every day after a click on an ad and online pop-up messages. 

A free ad blocker protects your privacy by blocking ads and pop-ups. Some of these ads track your online activities and collect private data for malicious use. 

An ad blocker protects your privacy by blocking ads. If you’re not using an ad blocker, you could be risking your privacy online.

  1. Is an ad blocker available for use by anyone?

Yes, anyone can use an ad blocker. Make sure that you control the ads to display. Some ad blockers allow you parental control to protect your kids from accessing inappropriate information. 

  1. Are there considerations when choosing an ad blocker?

There are multiple ad blockers available online. So, how will you know which one is the best to use? Let’s have a look at some of the factors:

  1. Free or premium – do you want to spend an extra dollar on an ad blocker? If not, you can make a selection from our list of the best free ad blockers. Premium ad blockers have advanced features that a free plan does not have;
  2. Reviews – online reviews help you decide whether an ad blocker meets your needs. Make sure you check the ratings as well. A popular ad blocker will have more star ratings;
  3. Features – what makes the ad blocker unique? Can you customize it or control ad settings?
  4. Extension or standalone – do you want an extension to use on your browser or a standalone for your PC?
  5. Versatility – can you use the ad blocker on a mobile device, a browser, or both?

Final Verdict

Having an ad blocker on your browser improves your browser privacy. Our list has ad blocker extensions to use on the Chrome browser. 

The ad blockers are free, but you can opt for the premium plans if you need access to advanced features. An ad blocker protects your private data from suspicious threats like online tracking and malware.

However, ad blocking results in loss of revenue for the website owner. To prevent this, you can allow specific ads to display on your browser. 

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