20 Best Financial Websites for Inspiration [in 2022]

The popularity of the internet has given rise to many innovative websites that offer efficient and effective services. With increasing new websites using modern technologies, users can gain more relevant information than ever. 

This article will list the 20 best financial websites for your inspiration in 2022.

What is a Financial Website?

The best free financial websites or financial portals are websites or apps that offer personalized financial data and information. Individual investors often use them to make informed decisions regarding their investments and provide up-to-date data and news in the process.

Designing a Finance Website

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to designing a finance website, as the look and feel will depend on the specific brand and target audience. However, some key principles should always be considered when creating a site dedicated to financial advice and planning. 

When designing the best financial websites, it is important to consider what users want to see. For example, if the site is for small business owners, they might want to see basic financial information such as earnings, expenses, and loans.

If the site is for investors, they might want to see detailed information on a company’s stock prices and performance. 

The following tips can help you design top financial websites in the world.

Keep Financial Info Easy to AccessUsers should be able to access all the information they need without searching through long data lists or scrolling through complicated graphs.
Design a User-Friendly SiteThis means that all buttons and menus should be located where users are likely to click them (i.e., near the top of the page). 
Add Credibility to the WebsiteYou must provide your customers with elements that increase credibility (social proof, logos of brands that work with you, or testimonials).

Features For the Best Financial Website

Top financial websites in the world are functional and intuitive. Investors who trust you with their funds expect your tech solutions to yield quality and satisfying results. With consumers demanding better digital experiences from their banks, the past few years have seen serious investment in improving the customer experience. 

And, with digital transformation being the latest trend hitting banks, there’s plenty to be excited about going forward. We’re starting to see improvements in customer experience as consumers continue to demand better digital experiences. 

Being an organization in the finance industry, you should also consider including some of the following elements:

  • Statistics, charts, and diagrams.
  • Financial indices.
  • Live chat or chatbot.

Statistics, charts, and diagrams can make content more appealing and convince readers to purchase your service. Including such features will streamline content delivery and make the user more likely to purchase a service or follow the subject regularly.

Financial data is up-to-date information about currencies and shares. Integration of such data into the website will increase investment performance and purchasing decision-making, increasing brand trust. 

Financial data is often a part of investment and news portals, but you can also include it in a consulting company or financial product website to add to the value of a given brand.

Basic contact information is necessary for a company website. However, developers from the finance industry will often go a step further and include live chat on their site. Adding live chat or a chatbot leads to an even faster response from a customer representative.

From speed and ease of use to increased productivity, you should focus on your website’s efficiency and ensure it’s error-free to help users make smart financial decisions. 

The Best Financial Websites

A website that looks professional and trustworthy is salient for the financial services industry. We surveyed 20 websites that represent the best work in this niche. 

So without further ado, here are the 20 best financial websites for you to get inspired: 

Investment Websites

Investment websites must inspire trust and convince the user it is worth investing in the site. Financial websites of this class usually have detailed content, such as a mission statement, services offered, and the team introduction. They should also offer interactive tools for potential investors, such as an investor panel that gives live updates on stocks.

1. CoinMarketCap

Users can find financial information and various resources on the CoinMarketCap website, including indices, financial statements, and cryptocurrency information. Along with a blog and videos on YouTube, other tools such as static images or data charts are available to help readers receive information more quickly.

Source: CoinMarketCap

2. Touzi Capital

Touzi Capital includes a Start Investing CTA in the hero section, and customer testimonials appear just below.

Touzi Capital
Source: Touzi Capital

On the How it works tab, visitors can see how the cooperation with Touzi Capital works. The website’s ‘How it works’ section offers visual representations and answers frequently asked questions. The Resources page contains blog posts and investment-related podcasts to help users unfamiliar with ways to invest.

3. Barclays

This financial services website is easy to navigate with an intuitive design. The investment services solutions are always on hand, thanks to the site’s user-friendly navigation.

Source: Barclays

Best Financial News Websites

Some financial news websites, such as those that focus on providing knowledge to their users and resemble a journal or blog post, provide texts on the news in the world of business, investments, and events in the market. They may offer more than just articles, including podcasts and videos.

4. Forbes 

Forbes is a leading business and finance-related publication that offers articles for professionals and beginners in the field.

The Forbes website divides all content into sections and categories for each country and currency, including banking, investments, fintech, and taxes. This way, it’s simpler for readers to find what they are interested in. 

Source: Forbes

The website also has a recommendation system, which displays your options for article topics and headlines. The most popular articles are displayed, showing how many people have read them.

5. MarketWatch

MarketWatch website provides data on stock trading and news. The information needed to be up-to-date for anyone who invests or runs a business. Slide decks and charts are used to represent data. There is a section with important information notes from the financial market next to financial indices. 

Personal Finance Websites

Personal finance websites are all-in-one sites that help you educate, compare offers, and calculate finances. These sites are designed for a diverse customer community, where customers can find service providers and vice versa.

6. SmartAsset

SmartAsset is a versatile finance tool. Not only does it help you find the right financial advisors, but it also provides information on personal income taxes. You can get advice for various general situations by visiting their site.

Source: SmartAsset

The website has a lot of information on the real estate market, including graphs and tables. Advanced content filtering options allow users to find content relevant to them in a matter of clicks. Content is divided into categories, calculators, and reviews on the company blog -Smartreads. 

7. Cash Money Life 

Cash Money Life promises to offer assistance with a variety of financial issues. They have a tile layout that allows you to select the area of need and then be redirected to an article with advice.

Cash Money Life
Source: Cash Money Life

It offers robust advice on topics like savings accounts and credit cards. You will be redirected to a list with relevant information when you click on one of the tiles.

Bank Websites

Bank websites must be intuitive and clear. If clients can’t contact customer support representatives while setting up an account or filling out a form, they will search for another bank with better customer service. 

8. Mizuho Americas

This finance website’s homepage features stunning landscape videos and images.

Source: Mizuho

9. Charity Bank

The website has well-thought-out and organized content that is very easy to find, thanks to the easy-to-navigate layout.

Charity Bank
Source: Charity Bank

Lending Financial Websites

A registered lending company provides loans to individuals and start-ups. They can offer a selection of loans, including mortgages, payday loans, or small business loans. Lending companies specialize in different types of loans.

10. Lendedu

The company added links to apply for credit cards, private student loans, and personal loans on the homepage banner. This is a clever way of improving the quality of users’ experience of financial information.

Source: Lendedu

11. LendingUSA

The LendingUSA website features good colors and strong images throughout the design.

Source: LendingUSA

12. Street Shares

Customers can immediately access the service and calculator with the live chat widget. The services and calculator are accessible on the Street Shares website.

Street Shares
Source: Street Shares

Fintech Websites

Fintech companies focus on improving payment methods, investing services, or budgeting tools. They use modern design to symbolize their innovation and make it easier for their customers to understand the technology.

13. Zero

The website is minimalistic with a focus on content. Subtle animations and an interactive cashback calculator provide a nice touch.

Source: Zero 

14. Wealthfront 

Wealthfront has an appealing design and layout. It features contemporary typography as well as complementary images. 

Source: Wealthfront 

15. Nerdwallet 

Nerdwallet has a simplistic and engaging layout. It features a clean, light background design with text that is easy to read on different screens. It is a great resource for finding deals on products and services and information on retirement planning and investing.

Source: Nerdwallet 

16. Revolut 

Despite having a simple design, Revolut used graphics and succinct slogans to present its compelling features and functionalities. You can tell from the website that the application benefits individuals and companies. 

Source: Revolt

By visiting the Revolut website, you can find out what their app offers without needing to download it first. Potential users are also supplied with screenshots demonstrating how useful the product is. The Hero section features a call-to-action button that encourages visitors to download and test the application by clicking the SMS download link.

17. Ellipsys Financial Markets

Ellipsys Financial Markets
Source: Ellipsys Financial Markets

The hero section video on the Ellipsys Financial Markets website immediately brings investment-related associations to mind. The company adds credibility by displaying its partners’ logos and featuring information on their completed audits.

The website’s layout includes a section with information on specific products and another area for general trading details such as company-created documents and order types.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions span from acquiring businesses to combining them. The goal is to try and achieve synergy and for the entire company to be greater than the sum of its parts.

18. MacQuarie

The text and colors are bright with a simple and uncluttered design, giving this financial services website an attractive background.

Source: MacQuarie

19. Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse features a minimal design with no visual distractions, making it perfect for content presentation.

Credit Suisse
Source: Credit Suisse

20. DC Advisory

The financial advisor’s website included stunning images and videos to make the site engaging for users. Line animations on the website helped to achieve this look. 

DC Advisory
Source: DC Advisory

Key Takeaway

Several best financial websites inspire people to save money. Each website has unique features, so it’s worth checking them out to find the best options for you. Whether you are looking to save money on your bills, learn about investment options, or find advice on how to get started with your finances, these websites have something for you.

Before choosing one, you must consider what you are looking for in the best free financial websites. However, we believe that any of these sites would be a great starting point for anyone interested in learning more about finance, investment, or budgeting.

Best free financial websites allow making smart spending choices, creating a budget, and investing in a retirement plan. Using these resources can improve your financial situation and achieve your long-term goals.

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