10 Best Scheduling Apps To Use In 2022 [Complete Review]

It can be tough to have everything in control without a scheduling app. Managing business tasks and projects can seem impossible. But, things get easy and in control when you use an online app. 

Businesses and individuals are adapting to new changes in the digital space. A scheduling app makes it easy to share work with your teams, plan for future events, and make it easy for clients to book appointments.

There are so many scheduling apps to use. But, how do you tell that a specific app is the best? We’ve discussed different apps in our comprehensive guide.

So, let’s get down into business!

Considerations When Selecting A Scheduling App

Selecting an app from the various options can be a tedious task. And especially if you do not have prior experience in using one. But, this should not be your worry anymore. 

To help you identify a scheduling app, we have compiled a list of factors you should have in mind. Let’s jump right in!

  1. Features

What are the unique features of a scheduling app? Can users make bookings with the app? Can you use it on multiple devices, and does it meet your needs?

The features of an app can help you decide if it is a good fit for your business.  

  1. Ease of use

Another crucial factor to consider is how easy it is to use an app. Check how easy it is to navigate. If an app takes you longer to understand, then it may not be an ideal fit for your clients and employees. 

  1. Customization 

A scheduling app should be easy to customize to your desire and brand. For example, you may want to stick to your business colors, style, preference, and logos. 

Customization sets you apart from your competitor. A scheduling app should allow customers to leave feedback after making an appointment or booking. 

  1. Easy to share

For a business, a social media bulk scheduling app should be easy to share with other employees. In fact, it should be easy for employees to collaborate, view, and make changes whenever necessary. 

  1. Easy to sync with other devices

With a scheduling app, it should be easy to sync with other apps and softwares. For example, it should be easy to sync an app with Google, email software, or iCloud. 

For a business, there are so many apps and softwares to use. Integrating with such apps gives you a good user experience.  

  1. Devices responsiveness

A responsive scheduling app is easy to access on different devices. For instance, an app should not only restrict you to using it on a desktop device only. It should be accessible on mobile, iPad, and other devices.

  1. Process payment

A scheduling app should allow customers to make payments. With the social distancing brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic, businesses are processing payments online. 

So, if a customer should make payments after making an appointment or booking, the app should be in a position to process the payments. 

Best Scheduling Apps To Use In 2022

Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, a scheduling app is essential to have. It helps you manage events, increase revenue and collaborate with your employees. 

The online scheduling apps make it easy for customers to book appointments. The apps have different features, prices, and functionalities.

 So, do you need an appointment scheduling app, calendar, or time scheduling app? We have a list of the 10 best scheduling apps to use in 2022. 

Let’s get started!

1. Calendly

Source: Calendly

Calendly is one of the best schedule apps available online. It has a plan for individuals, teams, and enterprises. The tool is an online app that allows you to schedule meetings with no extra hassle.

So, do you want to plan a meeting and share the details with your team or clients? Forget about composing long emails and worrying about delivery. 

Calendly is an easy-to-use app. Set your meeting availability rules and share the app link with your clients. You can add the link to your website.

Once your clients pick the date, the event appears on your calendar. Calendly has different pricing. It has a free, basic plan for individuals. As for teams, the different prices are premium, pro, and enterprise. 


  1. Calendly integrates with other apps and softwares like Zoom, Paypal, Stripe, Microsoft Teams, and Zapier;
  2. It is free to create an account. For professional plans, Calendly gives you a 14-days free trial period;
  3. Connecting Calendly to zoom is easy and time-saving. It generates the video conference details automatically and saves them to the scheduling app;
  4. You’re free to set the terms of the meeting and control your presence;
  5. It is easy to automate reminders and follow-ups. 


  1. Email marketing and payment integrations are available for professional plans only. Hence, you cannot use it with a free account.

2. Setmore

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Source: Setmore

Are you looking for a free scheduling app? Setmore could be the app you need. It allows your customers to make appointment bookings, set reminders, and receive payments online. 

It has different pricing, with the free plan allowing a maximum of 4 users. The professional pricing plans are Premium and Pro. Setmore is easy to customize to represent your brand. 

Having a mobile responsive app gives you access to multiple devices. You can download the Android and IOS apps to use on your mobile phones.  

The online appointment scheduling app gives your clients the flexibility of booking any time.  


  1. Setmore integrates with other apps and softwares like Google calendar, Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, and sales CRM;
  2. Setmore customer support offers assistance through phone, chat, and email;
  3. You can display reviews from happy customers on Setmore;
  4. The app allows online payments through debit and credit cards.


  1. The app does not have design customization options. 

3. Acuity

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Source: Acuity

The reason why you need a scheduling app is for convenience. You do not have to keep sending emails or miss out on meetings and events. A reminder helps to notify your users of upcoming events.

Acuity allows you to customize the scheduling page to your preference. Prospecting clients can view your schedule and make their appointments.

You have the right to control what your clients can see from the scheduling app. Acuity is a Squarespace product with a 7 days trial period. 


  1. The scheduling app is user-friendly;
  2. Acuity integrates with other third-party tools like Stripe, Paypal, and Google Analytics;
  3. Your clients can make online payments through the app;
  4. You’re free to customize the app to your brand preference;
  5. Acuity helps you share your schedule on email and social media platforms.


  1. Acuity has a high pricing plan.

4. Appointlet

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Source: Appointlet

With Appointlet, you do not have to miss meetings at all. With a link, you can share your schedule for people to make a booking with you. 

Appointlet integrates with over 2,000 apps like Zapier and SMS softwares. Your customers have the flexibility of making payments online through the app. 

You can host web conferencing meetings with your clients through Zoom and Google Meet, among other platforms. 

As for pricing, Appointlet allows you to create a free account, but you can also upgrade to the premium plans. 


  1. The free plan does not have a limit to the number of days to use;
  2. The scheduling app notifies your clients every time you make changes like canceling or rescheduling a meeting;
  3. Email reminders alert attendees of the meeting date and venue as scheduled on the app;
  4. With a code snippet, meeting attendees can schedule time with you from your webpage;
  5. You can set a limit to the number of people who attend your meeting;
  6. Appointlet allows customization to your brand preference like logo, colors, and remove watermarks;
  7. You can set a booking priority to prevent overbooking or underbooking. 


  1. Appointlet does not have a mobile app.

5. TrackTime24

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Source: TrackTime24

Do you need an online scheduling app that helps you monitor the activities of your employees? TrackTime24 is the app for you. It allows you to check your employee’s activities like clock-in, clock-out, and breaks.

Your employees do not need a desktop device to use the app. The app is downloadable on mobile devices. The employee scheduling app uses a QR code for identification. 

Your data remains safe even when the internet runs out. It is free to sign up. Similar to other scheduling apps, TrackTime24 comes with different pricing plans. 


  1. The app is easy to access at any time;
  2. The free plan allows a team of up to 2 members, while the premium plan accepts 250 users;
  3. TrackTime24 members submit documents online and thereby reduce paperwork;
  4. A fair billing policy makes it easy for organizations and small businesses to make payments based on the number of users;
  5. TrackTime24 integrates and syncs with other apps and softwares like Xero and Quickbooks. 


  1. It can be hard to get around with the app for beginners. 

6. SimplyBook.me

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Source: SimplyBook.Me

As a service-based industry, you want your members to know your availability to make bookings. A scheduling app goes a long way in managing these schedules. 

Clients can book using multiple channels like Instagram, Facebook, Google Maps, or client app. The app enhances the user experience of mobile users. 

The mobile app has a client app and an admin app. Your users download the client app to request, change, and view books. Besides, they can also buy gift cards and more. 


  1. The online scheduling app has basic, free, premium, and standard pricing plans;
  2. The app makes it easy to make online bookings through websites, Google my Business, and social media platforms;
  3. You can sync your calendar with your schedule to avoid having several bookings at the same time;
  4. It’s possible to customize the app to make it easier to collect client information using the dropdown, checkbox, and date response;
  5. It integrates with email softwares like Mailchimp and Zapier to send personalized emails to clients. 


  1. The free plan does not have a client app.

7. TimeTree

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Source: TimeTree

TimeTree makes it easy to manage oneself. That is, you can manage all your activities from the app. It has smart features to share and communicate within the calendar.

For example, you can create a schedule for the week or month to carry out your family activities. The app is available for download on mobile devices. 

You’re free to share your calendar with other people, groups, and family. Hence, making it easy to collaborate with individuals on the same calendar. 


  1. The mobile apps allow accessibility on different devices;
  2. It’s free to create an account;
  3. TimeTree has all your events on the feed;
  4. It does not have a limitation on how you use the app.


  1. Users need to sign up to sync the calendar and the app.

8. Calendar

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Source: Calendar

There are so many options for online scheduling apps, and calendar is one of them. Calendar has a free trial for members, after which you select a plan that works for you.

However, the app has a free plan with limited features for small businesses and individuals. Calendar allows you to integrate with other apps and softwares like Gmail and Microsoft 365. 

The scheduling app is available to use for businesses, teams, and enterprises. The ‘find a time’ feature allows you to schedule meetings with members. 

Anyone looking to book a meeting with you can check your online calendar to avoid overbooking. 


  1. Collaborate with your team members and find out when people are available to meet;
  2. Members can collaborate on the app without worrying about time zone restrictions;  
  3. It uses machine learning and AI to develop a smooth scheduling experience;
  4. Calendar analytics allows you to keep track of how you spend your time on meetings;
  5. Calendar integrates with other email and conferencing tools to improve your user experience; 
  6. The Calendar scheduling app is mobile-friendly with Android and IOS apps. 


  1. The app does not support SMS notifications; 
  2. The Calendar app does not support team analytics. 

9. Fantastical

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Source: Fantastical

Before you get started, the Fantastical app has an appealing user interface. The app allows you to schedule a meeting, task, and event. Users have a 14-days trial period.

The app works across all devices. That is mobile apps and desktop devices. With Fantastical, it is easier to schedule events and work with team members. 

The app lets you set up different calendars according to your preference. You have the advantage of choosing a timezone that’s relevant to you.


  1. Fantastical is flexible enough to allow you to add and update schedules for different countries and education systems;
  2. The scheduling app keeps you up to date with the relevant events;
  3. You can quickly join and add conference calls with a single click;
  4. Customize the app by making a selection from the various widgets; 
  5. Fantastical supports other apps like Microsoft 365, Yahoo, Outlook.com, Meetup, Microsoft Exchange, etc. 


  1. The app’s premium plans have a higher price. 

10. Any.do

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Source: Any.do

Any.do is a free online scheduling app that helps you stay organized when you have a busy schedule. It syncs across various devices, and it’s simple to use. 

As an all-in-one app, you can organize your tasks, lists, and reminders from the app. It is accessible from multiple devices like a watch, mobile phone, and laptop. 

Besides the free plan, you can also upgrade to premium to have access to advanced features. With a premium plan, you have access to different tools like color tags, location reminders, unlimited daily planners, and custom themes. 


  1. Any.do scheduling app is available on different devices like Amazon Alexa, Google assistant, Windows, Apple watch, desktop, and mobile phones; 
  2. Use Whatsapp messages as reminders and tasks;
  3. Color tags make it easy to access what you need faster and with ease;
  4. Collaborate and manage your team using the scheduling app;
  5. The scheduling app allows you to sync your schedule with Google calendar.


  1. The app’s premium plans can be pricey. 

Is A Scheduling App Worth Having?

With the digital shift brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic, a scheduling app is worth having. Not only does it help you stay organized, but it also helps you manage communication. 

With businesses working remotely, you do not have to send millions of emails daily. What you need is a scheduling app to manage your team and set meetings online. 

If you’re in eCommerce, your clients can make bookings and process payments online. Besides, users can schedule their bookings for themselves. 

For a start, you do not have to pay for an app. You can use the free scheduling apps and pay for premium only when necessary. An example of an app with a free plan is Setmore.

With the current change of day-to-day activities, you definitely need a scheduling app to help you manage your events and schedules.

Final Thoughts

A scheduling app is not only for enterprise businesses. As a small business, you can use it to manage your meetings and communicate with your teams.  

Most scheduling apps are mobile responsive, meaning that you can use an app from any location. So, are you ready to embrace online scheduling apps? 

There you have it! Select a tool from our list and organize your business events and meetings on time. 

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