Shopify Plus Review: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons In 2022

Who should use Shopify plus? Is it Similar to Shopify? As an eCommerce store owner, you may have more questions about Shopify Plus.

If you’re getting started with Shopify and you’re considering using Shopify Plus, here’s everything you need to know to get you started on the right foot. We’ll give you details about Shopify vs Shopify plus, pricing, features, pros, and cons. 

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What Is Shopify Plus?

Shopify comes as the third-largest online retailer after Amazon and eBay. Currently, Shopify Plus website has over 53,000 stores. So, what makes Shopify Plus a go-to option for online store owners?

Shopify Plus is the premium, enterprise version of the Shopify platform. It provides you access to the advanced features you need to scale your business, but at a price. It’s not free like the Shopify platform. 

Who Is Shopify Plus For?


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As a beginner in Shopify, you may be wondering, who uses Shopify Plus? Now, if you’re already using the Shopify platform and want to upgrade, here’s what you should know beforehand.

Shopify Plus is for enterprise businesses making millions of dollars annually. It is for store owners looking to scale their businesses with advanced features like Script management and checkout access. 

With Shopify Plus, your business is able to handle massive traffic without crashing. As your business grows and your revenue increases, you need to consider upgrading the basic Shopify plan to Shopify Plus.

Brands using Shopify Plus are Kylie Cosmetics, Red Bull, MVMT watches, Nestle, Gymshark, Fitbit, and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Is There a Difference Between Shopify And Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus has every feature available in Shopify and other advanced features. To access these features, you need to upgrade to the premium plan. 

1.7 million businesses on Shopify Plus have already made over $314 billion in sales. The platform has over 10,000 brands, and it receives 10,978 peak checkouts per minute. 

With such an eCommerce success, your business can also be part of the online stores leaping big profits from the platform. So, what are the Shopify Plus best features that differentiate it from Shopify?

1. Dedicated support manager

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As your business grows and you make more revenue, you need to have dedicated, timely support in case of challenges. For instance, the Black Friday sale attracts more buyers and sales to a business.

At such a time when there are more online transactions and store interactions, your eCommerce site may end up crashing. Now, this is where you request assistance. 

Besides, you may also have questions and issues that need urgent responses. Shopify Plus gives you personalized support to help you resolve any occurrences at the right time. 

To start with, Shopify assigns you a launch manager or a success merchant manager to help you with store setup and configuration. The aim is to help you get the best out of the platform. 

2. Access to Shopify Scripts

Unlike using the Shopify plan, Shopify Scripts allow you to customize your store to the tiniest detail. Shopify scripts are lines of codes that you add to the backend section of your site.

For example, you can edit the scripts to customize checkouts, shipping, and payment options to improve your customers’ experience. 

3. Unlimited staff accounts

With the Shopify Plus account, you’re free to create as many staff accounts as you need. As your business continues to grow, you may want to have several accounts to help manage your business

In addition, you can share rights with your staff members and control all activities in your store.

4. Checkout control

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Currently, Shopify does not allow you to customize the checkout page. However, this feature is available in Shopify Plus. Customization is through Shopify Script editor. 

The Shopify Plus liquid template allows you to make custom edits for your store to make it easy for customers to checkout with ease. 

5. Apps integration

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Source: Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus gives users access to apps that are not available on the Shopify plan. Examples of these apps are Script editor, LaunchPad, and Transporter app.

6. Shopify Analytics

Both Shopify and Shopify Plus have the Analytics tool to help store owners analyze user activities online. However, ShopifyPlus has advanced features. 

It gives you more details and information that you need to improve performance in your store. 

7. Abandoned cart recovery

Shopify plus has advanced features to help you increase sales to your store. First, you can customize the homepage of your site to match the client’s interest. 

You can also have customized discounts for specific customers who did not complete a transaction. Shopify Plus allows you to customize your store to meet your store demands. 

8. Shopify Flow

Shopify Plus users can take advantage of the flow feature. The tool automates most of the tasks and processes like sending requests and tagging customers.

Once your customers sign up for your store, this is when you start tracking the buying behavior. It helps you create a personalized buying experience based on the customer’s information.

For example, if a customer visits your shop for hair products, you can display the available offers for the same products. This way, the client doesn’t miss out on any discounts on your store.

9. Access to multi-language and currencies

With Shopify Plus, it allows you to use 20 languages to interact with your customers. Besides, you can run multiple stores from the platform.

For example, you can use a theme in a different language other than English to reach your target audience. Some of the other supported languages are Brazilian, French, Spanish, and German.

Besides using multi-language, Shopify Plus makes it easy for you to use various currencies based on the customer’s location. Some of the currencies to use are NZD, EUR, USD, AUD, JPY, and GBP. 

10. Shopify Plus API Integration

Shopify Plus makes it easy for you to use third-party apps and services. For example, store owners who rely on other tools like managing an inventory or ERP system. 

With Shopify Plus, you do not have to worry about API limits. You can increase your store performance by using APIs without worrying about reaching the maximum limit. 

Pros And Cons Of Using Shopify Plus

Before you make a final decision to using Shopify Plus, check out the pros and cons below:


  1. It allows the store owners to create unlimited staff accounts.
  2. Shopify Plus allows more than 10,000 transactions within a minute. 
  3. Shopify has a dedicated support team to help merchants set up an online store, running Shopify dropshipping stores, fix issues, and answer questions. In addition, the store offers personalized support to all merchants.
  4. Shopify Plus can handle massive traffic to an online store without crashing. For instance, flash sales and black Fridays will have customers flooding to a site for purchase. Shopify Plus can handle such traffic without site crashes.
  5. The advanced Analytics tool gives merchants detailed information about their customers. With the customer information, they can use it to increase conversion to the store. 
  6. With the API integration, it’s easier to manage orders online. Merchants can assist clients online and still manage deliveries and product inventory. 
  7. It helps you create online stores that run beyond your country or region. It allows multi-currencies and languages for the convenience of your customers. 
  8. Shopify Plus has more customization features compared to Shopify. For example, you can customize the checkout page according to your store guidelines.


  1. Shopify plus is not suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. It is for the merchant, enterprise businesses. 
  2. Shopify Plus requires expert knowledge. With customization, for instance, the Script Editor requires technical skills to edit and add lines of codes. 
  3. For a beginner, Shopify Plus requires you to have some background skills. 

Shopify Plus Pricing

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Source: Shopify Plus

As earlier mentioned, Shopify Plus is not free. However, for a beginner, it has a free trial valid for 14 days. After the trial days expire, you can choose to proceed with the premium plan.

The Shopify Plus pricing plan starts at $2,000 a month. However, the price is not standard. It increases with the store requirements. 

In addition, if your revenue is $800,000 per month or more, the pricing plan changes to 0.25% of your monthly income. With Shopify Plus, you can get a pricing quote that is specific to your business. 

Should You Consider Using Shopify Plus?

As a merchant with a 1-2 million monthly revenue, you should consider switching to Shopify Plus. It has advanced features that can improve the performance of your store.

The dedicated support team gives you personalized assistance anytime you need help. Shopify Plus assigns you a launch manager and a merchant success manager to offer a solution at the right time. 

It has advanced features like Analytics, API integration, Checkout access, multi-languages, and unlimited staff accounts for enterprise businesses. 

In conclusion, if you’re worried about the pricing plan, the monthly minimum amount is $2,000. However, the pricing plan changes if your income goes higher. 

Therefore, if you’re considering managing your eCommerce store on Shopify Plus, there you have it. You can join other brands on the platform and make more revenue with the advanced features.

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