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What Is Shopify and How Does It Work: Tutorial for Beginners

             eCommerce has changed our lives. Actually, it has turned them upside down. Our grandparents could not even imagine that it could ever become possible to buy something without even leaving the house. Today, you most likely consult Google and check some reviews before actually going to the store to buy something. In the majority of cases, you buy without even leaving your home.

              Since eCommerce continues to grow and online shop creation is getting more popular, many platforms and tools are being developed to satisfy the growing demand. Many future online store owners have average understanding of the website creation process, so they look for smart but easy ways to create one. Shopify is one of eCommerce website development companies that makes life easier.

              Today, Shopify is the leading platform that enables small and medium business owners to create an online shop. It is very easy to use and does not require anybody to have extensive experience in eCommerce or website creation. To succeed in eCommerce website development, you need to complete a Shopify tutorial. Shopify experts had everything automated for you to make sure that you can actually create a website on your own. Moreover, Shopify is considered to be a comparatively low-cost platform.

 What Is Shopify?


              The history of Shopify dates back to an idea to create a go-to place to buy cannabis online. Such activity had not been legal till Oct 17, 2018, so many young people knew this platform for its under-the-counter sales. However, since the recreational use of this commodity was legalized, the platform has started developing into a large eCommerce platform. In addition, it won the government support and built a reputation of a point-of-sale for some of the Canadian licensed cannabis producers. Shopify product options continued to diversify as well, turning the platform into a universal one. Today, any small or medium business owner can start selling their products through a website created and powered by Shopify.

              However, to create an engaging and appealing Shopify product page, business owners still need some knowledge. Usually, eCommerce website creation is not only about beautiful themes and positive user experience. It is important to make ends meet meaning to ensure that demand for certain products meets the supply. One of the biggest Shopify advantages is that it actually enables a dropshipping business model that ensures neither seller no buyer goes in excess or deficit.

Shopify: How It Works?

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              Shopify is a great tool that makes both sellers and buyers satisfied. As a seller, you need to order only that amount of goods that is needed to meet the demand. You do not need to produce goods or rent a warehouse to keep it. All you need to do is to control your stocks that can be done in a few clicks.

              To start with eCommerce website creation, we recommend you get yourself introduced with Shopify tutorial for beginners. This is a simple Shopify guide designed by Shopify experts to answer the most frequently asked questions. It helps in understanding what your risks are as a seller and how you will actually promote your goods. To get some practical advice from current Shopify users, you can also open Shopify blog. We guarantee that you can find lots of useful information there.

              We recommend completing the Shopify tutorial step-by-step in order to achieve the best result with your website. It will not take much of your time if you have already planned all about your store without actually opening it.

During your planning, you obviously faced the following questions:

  •     Who is your business partner? Are you acting alone?
  •     If you create a partnership, how will you split up the work?
  •     Is it a full-time job or a hobby?
  •     Do you want to invest in your business and hire professionals, or is it just you and your skills?
  •     What do you imagine your business to be? What’s its name?

When you have answered these questions, you can proceed with the creation of a Shopify account.

Shopify Tutorial in Brief

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1)    If you decided to create your own online shop, here is the moment of innovation, design, and creativity. You need to go to Shopify website and create your account. To do this, you can enter your email address in the section above.

2)    Once you finish, you will be required to enter the name of your shop and the password into special sections. If you proceed with “Create your store” it will start the website creation process.

3)    You will be required to fill in all your personal data, including your name, address, phone number, etc. to proceed. Then, if you click “Enter my store,” you will be redirected to your own online shop. Here is where the magic begins.

4)    To make your website appealing to the customers, you need to customize Shopify theme. There are hundreds of free Shopify themes to choose from. Most of them can be edited and improved as per your wishes. Your choice of an ideal theme should be based on the tastes of your target audience.

5)    The following step will require your planning skills again. You will need to alter settings, including the ones concerning payment providers. Thus, it is important to decide how you want to receive money from customers and choose among the options Shopify provides. You also need to decide how you will collect your clients’ information and whether you will make account registration necessary.

6)    Most importantly, you need to pay attention to shipping settings. If you are dropshipping your products, you need to provide customers with the information concerning shipping prices. If you ship your items yourself, you need to provide them with calculated rates for your services.

7)    Legal provisions, as well as Terms and Conditions, are usually drafted by Shopify automatically. You need to read them carefully and alter in the provisions you have hesitations about.

8)    You can add and create your own pages including About Us page, Contact Us page, etc. You should decide what your clients may need to maximize their user experience and convert them from visitors to buyers.

9)    After these organizational steps, you will need to add products to your store. You will be guided through the entire process. Each of your items should be supported with a nice picture and a great description because people tend to make emotional purchases. You can create your own collections, add a Shopify discount code, edit Orders page, etc.

10)In the end, you need to make sure that you can review your analytics and actually make conclusions regarding it. You may need a Shopify guide on Analytics alone, but the more you sell, the better you understand how it works.

Final Words

              In general, Shopify simplifies your navigation through website creation, making sure you have all the important information on it. It also allows you to customize the online shop using Shopify apps to meet the individual client needs better. However, before starting your own online shop on Shopify, you need to decide on your business development strategy, create an interesting name, understand your target audience, etc. You also need to have a better understanding of your inventory and each product item, having all the information about it at hand together with high-quality images. Your pricing policy and shipping methods should also be decided in advance.

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