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Advertising Campaign and Marketing Strategy for Sales Promotion

              We believe that good planning is a part of success. To be more precise, strategy building and workload planning are critical for business success. Whatever operational aspect you take, they all require both tactics and strategy. Nowadays, there is no surprise that youth in universities and colleges prefers business development, business management and business administration to other majors because planning always stays at the core of the venture’s success. If you can show the path to a certain goal and make each step towards it productive, it means that as a leader and a planner, you are a valuable team member.

              In marketing, strategy planning is also important. It is essential to understand what step comes next and how it strengthens the achieved results. Usually, a marketing and promotion strategy for big business is designed to cover a couple of years ahead. This provides an opportunity to reach certain short-term objectives along the way to the ultimate goal. It is wrong to assume that marketing strategy consists merely of advertising campaigns. A good marketing strategy includes several advertising, sales promotion and e-mail marketing campaigns as its parts. However, initially, this category is much broader.

              A marketing strategy is a game plan for reaching consumers, attracting website visitors and gaining social media followers with a goal of turning all them into customers. Thus, except for promotional advertising campaigns, marketing strategy may include e-commerce web development, app development, web design, content generation, etc. All this combined and organized creates a perfect tool for sales promotion and customer conversion.

Advertising and Sales Promotion

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              As we speak of a marketing strategy, it is important to pay attention to an advertising strategy as a part of it. The terms of advertising and marketing are often used interchangeably that creates a slight confusion in people’s understanding of these concepts. The concept of advertising is narrower than marketing. It includes a paid non-personal distribution of promotional material (both tangible and intangible) to promote certain goods or services. At the same time, marketing is the process of forming the idea that the customer needs this particular product from this particular brand. Marketers study consumer behavior and act based on it, while advertising simply retranslates their message to the public.

              As a part of the marketing strategy, advertising campaign is critically important to raise public awareness concerning the product or service. Without it, people may not even find out about exceptional characteristics and features of the offered product. More importantly, advertisements and presentations help people stay on track of all recent company’s developments. With the invention and penetration of social media, advertising became cheaper and easier. Companies simply pay money for their ads to reach the target group.

              However, Facebook and Instagram not the only advertising methods that proved their effectiveness in growing sales. Apart from social media ads, advertising methods include newspaper ads, radio advertising, TV ads, public speaking, presentation, print advertising, sponsorship, etc. 

Sales Promotion Methods

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              Advertising promotion and sales promotion are often used mistakenly. Following the previous logic, advertising promotion covers non-personal messages that serve to inform the public about certain brands, goods, and services. Sales promotion methods are a wider category that sometimes includes advertising as a means of reaching for customers. In fact, sales promotion specialists use advertising and other interactions with customers to convert them to buyers or loyal clients.

              The most popular sales promotion methods include various bonus packs, price discounts, cashbacks, coupons, loyalty benefits, prize promotions, free goods, etc. Customers can be informed about them through advertising or direct interaction with a seller or dealer. In other words, sales promotion is everything we are used to receiving in traditional or online shops – from discount coupon to loyalty membership.

Final Words

              For those who start a small business, it is essentially important to develop an in-depth and comprehensive marketing strategy that would include both advertising and sales promotion among other aspects. Customers love when they are treated with an individual approach which is possible thanks to digital marketing. At the same time, they like to receive old-fashioned bonuses, prizes, gifts, discounts, etc. that only makes them buy more. Thus, if your goal is to get as many customers as possible in a short time, you need to have a perfect marketing strategy that would include all advertising and sales promotion methods available to raise your brand awareness and promote sales.

At qodeshop, we offer ideas for driving traffic to your website and generate sales. Brand awareness and digital marketing tools help to attract customers and to turn them into buyers. We use all available marketing channels, email campaigns, and ads on social media. So hire our e-commerce experts for successfully advertising campaign and increase your sales quickly.

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