Northern Ground

Northern Ground is a digital studio in Milwaukee with experience & pluck. As our name implies, our story is one of pragmatism & risk, big ideas & small details, world-class UI & rustbelt craft. In 2012 our shop was founded on the premise that a small, experienced team can produce results others cannot. No gaps, no telephone game, no 30 person meetings. Unlike others, we won't tell you how different and special we are, but we will tell you some things that we're not. We aren't an ad agency or a think tank. We aren't 'imagineers'​ or makers. We aren't interested in taking over the world. We don't have a company-mandated rally cry. We are a close-knit group that uses code and design to help our clients solve complex business problems. We stay close to the work putting business goals, fresh user experiences, and innovation first. After our clients have worked with firms that force them to compromise, they often seek higher ground, Northern Ground.

10 - 49