How To Create Amazon Account: Step-by-Step Guide 2022

Do you want to sell on Amazon, and you don’t know how to create Amazon account? Lucky for you because we got your back. The process to create Amazon account is pretty easy when you’re ready with your business and personal information.

With Amazon, you’re likely to generate more leads and increase your profit margins from the platform. Most buyers trust Amazon. In fact, 89% of the customers shop from Amazon than other eCommerce platforms. 

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Source: Amazon

If you’re not already familiar with the statistics, you now have more reasons to create Amazon account. The purpose of this guide is to take you through the various steps to create an Amazon account as a beginner.

Let’s get started.

How To Create Amazon Account

Once you settle on an online business idea, the next step is implementation. Out of the 6.2 million sellers on Amazon, only 1.5 million of the sellers are active. 

There are various reasons why shoppers buy from Amazon. These are – pricing, online buying, product recommendations, and reviews.

79.8% of buyers in the United States shop from Amazon as it offers fast and free shopping. Further, 68.9% of them feel that Amazon sells all the items the customers need. 

With Amazon, you can be an affiliate marketer or start dropshipping. To sell on the eCommerce platform, you need to create Amazon account. If you’re a beginner looking for assistance, here’s a step-by-step guide for you.

Here is how to create Amazon business account:

Step 1: Go to or

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While on this page, you either create a new account or proceed with an existing one. For a new amazon account, you will have to click on sign-up. 

You need to make amazon account. Click the sign-up button to add your credentials. Add your name, email, and password. You will have to re-type your password to ensure that it’s correct.  

Step 2: Select a plan

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Amazon offers sellers two pricing plans. These are individual and professional plans. If you’re a small trader selling less than 40 items in a month, you need to go for the individual seller plan.

On the other hand, if you are a large-scale trader, selling more than 40 items a month, you need a professional plan. The notable difference between the two is in the pricing. 

As for the individual plan, you need to pay $0.99 per item that you sell. As for the professional, you have to pay $39.99 per month. Besides, you have to pay additional selling charges for each plan. 

With Amazon, you’re free to upgrade from an individual plan to a professional plan. If you started by selling less than 40 items in a month and your business starts to scale, you can save yourself the $0.99 charge on each item to a monthly fee. 

Here’s the difference between the individual and professional Amazon account:

Individual planProfessional plan
Suitable if you sell less than 40 items in a monthGreat for a seller who sells more than 40 items in a month
For a start-up merchant who is not sure of the products to sellFor sellers who want to use additional features like advertising to increase sales
For a seller who does not need to use the advanced tools and featuresIncreases the chances of appearing for top placement on a product details page
Allows access to advanced tools like reports
Suitable if you want to sell products in the restricted category

Step 3: Email verification

After creating your new account, Amazon has to verify your email. Amazon sends you a one time password, abbreviated as OTP, which you will have to enter in the OTP section. To finalize the process, click on the ‘create Amazon account’ button. 

Step 4: Enter business information

In this section, be careful with how you select and enter crucial details. The information in this section includes business and contact address, mobile and telephone number, chargeable credit card, and identity details. 

With the “business location”, you need to be specific on the location you run your business. If you do not have a business location yet, you can include your country of residence. 

As for the type of residence, you have several options to select from. These are state-owned, publicly owned, privately-owned, charity, and individual. 

Depending on your business type, make sure that you select a category that fits you best. Next, add your business name and click on the agree and continue button.

Step 5: Seller information page

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Source: Amazon

With the seller’s information page, you need to include accurate details about your business. Add your company registration number and your business address. 

Make sure that you add accurate information as it appears on your bank statement and business license. Add your phone number for Amazon to verify. 

Amazon uses the phone number to verify your pin. Finally, add the names of your contact person. They should appear the same as on the passport or ID. Click Next to enter the details of your contact person.

Step 6: Marketplace information

With the marketplaces option, check the boxes for the locations you want to sell your products. For example, if you’re looking to expand to other marketplaces like Japan or Europe, make sure you check the appropriate boxes. Click on Next to proceed.

Step 7: Billing

For the billing section, you have to include an authorized credit card and banking details. Amazon uses your credit card information for verification. There will be a one-time $1 charge for the account verification. 

What you require is your credit card number and the expiration date. Make sure that you also include the name on your credit card. Click Next to continue to the next stage.

Step 8: Store information

Do you have a name for your eCommerce store? Here, you provide information regarding your online store and the products you plan on selling. A store name is a name that appears on a listing. 

You’re free to use your brand name as your store name. It improves your store’s credibility. In this section, make sure you select whether your products have a universal products code (UPC).

Additionally, select the appropriate option whether you’re the manufacturer or the brand owner of the products you’re selling. 

Also, select from the options whether you have branded products to sell on Amazon or a government-registered trademark that you own. Click on next to proceed.

Step 9: Verification

Amazon will verify whether the details you provided earlier are accurate. You will have to upload documents such as bank statements, passport or ID, and any other relevant documents that you have.

A pro tip is to ensure that the address on your documents is the same. If you’re comfortable with the information, click the submit button.

After Amazon verifies the contact details, you will have successfully created an Amazon account as a seller. The next step is to upload and list your products to sell. 

How To Create Amazon Prime Account

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Have you thought about becoming an Amazon prime seller or buyer? Is it worth creating the account? What are the benefits? Well, if you’re looking to shift to amazon prime, we’ll help you create amazon account. Let’s dive right in.

For a buyer, signing in for Amazon prime opens up so many benefits. First, you enjoy free shipping on certain products, early delivery, fast notifications on offers and discounts. 

However, Amazon prime is not free. It has a monthly subscription for amazon services. You can consider using the free trial if you’re not using Amazon prime services.

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Source: Amazon

Go to Amazon prime to sign up for the 30-days free trial. Click on the try prime button. Ensure that the details you provide are accurate. Some of the benefits of amazon prime are shipping, shopping, and entertainment. 

After the trial period is over, you’re free to upgrade to a paid plan. Subscription charges available on amazon prime are $14.99 per month, $139 per year, and $8.99 prime videos per month. 

However, for prime student, the subscription fee is $7.49 per month. The 6-month trial comes at half price. 

On the other hand, for a seller, the prime badge appears on your listings. However, for a third-party seller on Amazon prime, you can deliver products to customers through fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or seller fulfilled prime (SFP).

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Source: Amazon

A seller fulfilled prime (SFP) ships products to the prime customers with no additional charges. It means that you have to fulfill orders to the customers within the two-day agreement.

On the other hand, with fulfillment by Amazon, Amazon does the shipping for you. As a seller, you do not manage shipping like in seller fulfilled prime. Amazon picks, packs, and also ships orders on your behalf. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to create Amazon account, there you have it. You can now start selling products and join millions of merchants on the eCommerce platform. 

With Amazon, you can choose to fulfill orders for your customers or have Amazon do it for you. The advantage of selling on Amazon prime is that you have the benefit of prime customers. 

Since the buyers have a subscription fee, they tend to shop more often, which helps you earn loyal customers. With Amazon, the cost of selling will depend on the fulfillment fees, referral fee, selling plan, among other factors. 

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