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5 Marketing Ideas to Optimize Conversion Rate on Your Shopify Store

             Shopify  is a powerful system that allows you to create an online store website that is appealing and convenient for different customers. However, apart from creating a website, it is important to invite people to buy products from you. Thus, to increase your sales on Shopify, you should not only attract new visitors but also develop strategies that would increase and optimize conversion rate. You need to turn regular Internet surfers into buyers who would really want to purchase your product. The task is not an easy one, yet achievable.

              Digital marketing has a wide range of tools capable of rising your Shopify store conversion rate. It is pure marketing that is based on studying your visitors, making decisions concerning their consumer behavior, and being on time with new trends and offers. However, digital marketing for eCommerce is actually bigger than that. It also includes the functionality of the website, online store design, the convenience of the shopping process, etc. You need to care about the first impression as well as try to boost your visitors’ confidence that your store offers the best conditions. With a combination of several marketing methods, the goal of getting more new customers while keeping high retention rates is pretty achievable.

              In order to optimize Shopify store for highest conversion rates, we have prepared several following marketing tricks for you:

Email Marketing

Emailing campaign for ecommerce - illustration

              Make sure your e-commerce website developer creates a website that has subscription enabled. Regardless of how skeptic you may be concerning email marketing and newsletters, they do work. If your target is to hook a new client, your ultimate goal should be to make them subscribe so that you will have their email. Then, you can target this customers-to-be with products and offers designed to make them convert into buyers. Without email marketing and newsletter subscription buttons, your Shopify website is likely to lose a potential customer. For a big company, it may seem too small loss to care. But for a small or medium business, every customer is valuable.

              There are many useful apps designed to help you with email campaigns, remarketing, and retargeting. You can easily manage your emails, welcome letters, and offers based on a simple analysis of customers’ behavior on your website.

Customer Loyalty

e-commerce developer working

              Digital marketing for ecommerce sites is not always about advertising. Sometimes, it goes deeper and refers to sales promotion. People love presents, gifts, and offers. They especially like when they are treated individually. Thus, introducing a customer loyalty program that would be comprehensive enough to cover subscribes and exiting customers all together can really boost your conversion rates.

              In other words, you are establishing a brand community that makes your subscribers feel that they belong to something big. If you provide them with special customer service targeted at their convenience and comfort, you will surely receive improved conversion rates.

Customer Analytics

website analytics

              Shopify experts confirm that analytics is important for building Ad strategies for Shopify store. Thus, before actually launching your store, it is a good idea to install software that would allow you to gather, monitor, and analyze daily responses and activity on your website. This will help you understand what products on your website are more popular, what keywords your visitors use to look for a certain product, how you can target new customers, etc. Most importantly, you will be aware of what your audience is looking for so that you can make a special offer to acquire more customers.

              Ecommerce web development advanced, and so do the digital marketing tools. With  new analytics software that can fully substitute an entire Shopify marketing agency, you can utilize every piece of information you get from your customer and benefit from it. 

Review Management

e-commerce analytics

             Software engineers, along with developers, have enabled you to monitor, track your Shopify reviews and respond to customers in and out of the online store. It is actually a very effective way to increase your clientele. Many customers understand that negative comments happen. However, the way you resolve a problem and try to coordinate things with customers helps people decide on the seriousness of your business and your customer approach.

              Thus, using some software to monitor your customers’ responses, as well as enabling it to incorporate reviews into your search engine display, is a great thing to boost your customer conversion rates.


Digital marketing specialist working

              Many customers feel unsatisfied with aggressive conversion policies online stores use. Thus, even small things can make your website more appealing to people than your competitors’ online store. For example, if you add a wishlist to your website functions, it would be a perfect customization tool as well as would invite customers to return to your site. In relation to this, having only a “Buy” button looks aggressive towards your customers.

              Shopify agency experts also suggest using software to incentivize particular behaviors on your website. You can mention that social shares, referrals, and other interactions can bring customers discounts and gifts. This is a mild way of turning your visitors into buyers.

Final Words

              Creation and launch of a Shopify online store is only one big step towards earning money on sales. You also need to develop a marketing strategy that would include such an aspect as conversion rate optimization. In digital marketing, you should use digital means to convert your visitors into customers. Thus, you should study all marketing tools and have specific software that would simplify your interaction with subscribers, visitors, and customers. The marketing ideas discussed above are the most common and most obvious in terms of generating new sales leads and increasing clientele. As soon as you reach your goals with these ideas, you need to start looking for other ways to keep this trend.

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